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Early applications for the Netherlands increase by 80%. Belgium becomes the travel destination of choice, and interest in the USA grows

The growth of early applications for study in the Netherlands in the next academic year is over 80%, announced the company “Integral” – organizer of the forum “World Education”, which will take place in Sofia for the 42nd time this fall (October 9th ). -10). Plovdiv (October 11th), Burgas (October 12th) and Varna (October 13th). In some areas, such as Varna and Burgas, this increase reaches two or even three times. The data come from the virtual format of the exhibition in September that has already been carried out. The specialties in Netherlands, Bulgarian graduates will focus on in the next year are computer science, economics and management, game design, animation, psychology. The target filled a niche that opened up after Brexit and the UK’s elimination of student loans.

In the list of the top 3 most popular study abroad countries, the Netherlands are in first place and Germany in second place and the United Kingdom in third place, with only a quarter of candidates choosing a country.

The other ascending goal is according to the integral Belgium. The interest in training in this country is almost five times as high as in the previous year, albeit on a low basis. Belgium comes across with cheap tuition fees (962 euros for a bachelor’s degree and for most master’s programs), the possibility of choosing an academic or practical profile, as well as the English-language courses such as media and communication, IT, business and economics, tourism.

After Brexit, there is an interesting trend of increasing interest in US universities, reported Integral. The cost of studying there is the same as in the United Kingdom, and in some cases even lower. At the same time, the quality of higher education in the United States continues to be as high as possible.

Bulgarians are even interested in studying at Harvard, for which the current social situation in the country could be important, said Nikolay Hristanov, university advisor at Integral. There are currently 25 Bulgarians studying at Harvard, according to a public report from the world-famous university. “The first thing we have to say to our customers interested in studying at Harvard is that this is a very demanding task! For information only – more than 50,000 people applied there for 2021, a little over 2,000 were accepted. “, added Hristanov. Applications and admissions are document-based, and Harvard is one of the universities where the pandemic has removed the requirement to submit a document for a successful SAT. The ideal candidate for Harvard must have an excellent academic profile, active participation in high quality school and extracurricular projects, motivation, commitment and determination.

Around 50 percent of the registered participants in the online exhibition organized by Integral in mid-September showed interest in just one subject.

However, the preferences as areas show the same trends regardless of whether the prospects are in 10th, 11th or 12th grade. Most interested are business, economics and finance, followed by computer science and information technology in second place and art and design in third place. The top 10 also include: media and communication, humanities, politics and international relations, engineering and natural sciences, mathematics, law, tourism. There is also interest in subjects such as medicine, language and literature. New preferences are emerging that have previously been lacking, such as physical therapy, music and singing, food processing and technology.

Traditionally, most students apply from the French High School in Sofia, Second and First English High School, SMG, NPMG, Plovdiv Language High School, National Trade High School in Plovdiv, Romain Rolland High School in Stara Zagora, Geo Milev High School in Burgas, Ioan Ekzarh High School in Varna, Hristo Botev Language High School, Kardzhali.

The forum, which will take place this weekend (October 9-10) in the International Business School building in Sofia, will be attended by 30 schools from around the world, including 4 from the United States of America, 6 from the Netherlands, 8 from Great Britain, 6 from Switzerland, as well as from Belgium, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria. For the first time in Bulgaria, four renowned American universities will present their stands: University of Connecticut, Pace University, Arizona State University and Simmons College. Some of them offer up to 50% discount on tuition fees.

For the first time, the host institutions include the Swiss Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), which occupies a leading position among universities for hospitality management (QS World University Rankings 2019, 2020 and 2021) and its gastronomic restaurant Le Berceau des Sens is the only school of World with a Michelin star. The prestige of Swiss education in the hotel and tourism sector is supplemented by the participation of 4 schools of the Swiss Education Group, which are also placed in the top 10 of the QS ranking.

Secondary schools and boarding schools from Europe will also have their own stands. For the first time, the David Game College is participating – an independent private college for secondary education in the heart of London. The college prides itself on the excellence of its students and partners with over 98 universities. Over 70% of graduates are admitted to top universities by the Russell Group. The university offers a scholarship of 30% of the tuition fee for natural sciences (chemistry, physics or biology) and a music scholarship of 20% of the tuition fee.

Other secondary students coming back to Bulgaria are Kings Education (UK), Aiglon College (Switzerland), Sidcot School (UK), d’Overbroecks (UK), Oxford Sixth Form College (UK), Oxford International College (UK), ACS Cobham International School (UK).

During the exhibitions in Sofia and the country, in addition to the opportunities for direct encounters with the participating universities and grammar schools, an accompanying program of seminars on specific goals and topics that are relevant for prospective students and their parents will be offered.

Pre-registration for participation in the exhibitions in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas is made at https://www.world-education.eu/. All necessary anti-epidemic measures were taken to reassure visitors.


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