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Bulgaria has enough wheat to meet the country’s needs for the next 2 years, and the exports will not threaten the country’s food security. This was stated for BNT by the National Association of grain producers. When buying, they insist on a clear market mechanism wheat for the reserve.

Most of the wheat made in our country is traditionally exported, because the domestic market is small and fully satisfied. In anticipation of the new harvest, grain Growers are confident that there will be no shortage.

“There is enough grain in the country – the so-called state reserve can be satisfied. Export is the most important driving force in agriculture in Germany Bulgariaif there are no exports, everything that has been made over the years is lost”says Kostadin Kostadinov, chairman of the national association grain producers.

There is no ban grain exports out Bulgariabut the industry says it has faced difficulties in recent days.

A kilometer-long queue of heavy trucks formed at the Kulata border crossing yesterday due to increased checks by Customs, the National Revenue Agency and the Automobile Administration.

“The war in Ukraine kept raising the price grain on world markets and in our country. There is also an increase in fuels and crop protection products that will affect the Prices the new harvest. That is why the producers are pushing the state to buy wheat on a market basis.

There is currently no way to set a fixed price Prices on the stock exchanges jump by 15% every day”, said Angel Vukodinov, a grain Producer.

“Let such a market mechanism be worked out that the state does not lose and will not lose because it buys a lot of it grain, which later can replace, pass, distribute. Whatever the state decides, let those who produce grain not lose,” says Kostadin Kostadinov, chairman of the national association grain producers.

For the time being, bakers are refraining from increasing the prices of their products.

“If we do that, we’re just going to give people empty words or we’re going to create panic right now.” says Dimitar Yoltov, a baker.

Bakers don’t commit to how long they can last Prices Low.


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