Weather in Bulgaria: a freezing cold period is coming –

Snowfall will be limited in the south during opening times on Tuesday evening Bulgaria and especially in the Rhodope Mountains. It is expected that another 15-20 cm snow falls there in the lower massifs, and up to 40 cm – in the higher parts. The wind will remain strong in these areas and there will be conditions for precipices and gusts.

Low temperatures are expected on Wednesday morning, reaching minus 8 degrees Celsius in some areas. During the day the north wind continues to blow with icy gusts. the cold will relax slightly, but temperatures range from minus 3 to plus 2 degrees Celsius. The clouds will break here and there – until sunny weather. However, during the day it is possible snow in small quantities in places in the Danube Plain and in the western regions.

It gets icy in the mountains too. The snowfall on Wednesday will decrease and stop by noon. The clouds will break up by sunny weather. The wind will be strong and cold and increases the feeling of cold. The temperatures in the warm time of the day are between minus 4 ° C and minus 7 ° C, at peak times the thermometers show between minus 13 ° C and minus 14 ° C. The danger of avalanches is high due to the new layer of fresh snow.

Thursday morning will be the highlight of the cold with temperatures in traditional cold Set the country to minus 10 ° C – minus 12 ° C.

Until the end of the week, the clouds are dynamic but no precipitation is expected. It gets warm, with temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. By transferring warmer air, areas where the wind subsides will result in more continuous fog in the early hours of the morning.

In this phase, the meteorological models help determine the next period snow and cold to be together January 18-19 with the passage from a cold atmospheric front.


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