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By James Brizuela | Released

It often happens that celebrities have to go through some terrible instances in their first films and shows in order to make it to the big time. That certainly could have been the case with Sofia Vergara, who gifted the world with a throwback video of her first film. While she still looks amazing, what’s being done to her is far from it. She gets a foot massage in the video, but the man massaging her gets a little inventive in giving her that massage. You can see the video below:

Sofia Vergara hilariously tagged the actor she worked with in the scene, Stanley Tucci, who happens to be a celebrity actor. We’re not entirely sure if the man has a foot fetish, but his character certainly does. Maybe someone wants to call Quentin Tarantino. We see Vergara make some hilarious faces while Tucci’s character starts using his tongue to handle the massage, which is pretty bizarre. The moaning noises he makes also make this scene that much funnier and scarier. Vergara is having a fantastic career at the moment and we think having to deal with this massage was just her stepping stone to greatness. There are many celebrities commenting on the above video with laughing emojis and we understand why. The scene is quite funny, albeit with a terrifying twist.

Sofia Vergara no longer has to deal with creepy foot massages unless she’s into that sort of thing. The actress is one of the biggest jurors today America’s Got Talent. She is joined by Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Simon Cowell. She will also have a major role as Griselda Blanco. Blanco was the leader of one of the largest drug cartels in the world. Vergara stars in Griselda, a Netflix series that details the life of this polarizing character. The miniseries is in post-production so we could premiere later this year. At least that is the hope.

Although she is supposed to appear in Griselda, Sofia Vergara currently has no other commitments as an actress. It could be because she has become one of the most popular judges America’s Got Talent. The popular reality show usually has celebrity guests in and out, but Vergara has now been a part of the series for three seasons. She could solidify in that role for the foreseeable future.

Sofia Vergara is a wonderful talent and one of the most beautiful women in the world. Though her acting career got off to a bizarre start, she’s since gone on to have quite a career. She has collected many great roles and will now appear in Griselda Biopic miniseries. This dramatic Netflix series could take her career even further. Though she had her toes hurt by Stanley Tucci, she’s glad those days are behind her. At least she has a great sense of humor about the scene. Hopefully Tucci too.

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