Vivek Oberoi speaks in Inside Edge 3. about his character

Mumbai: As the release of ‘Inside Edge 3 Inch’ draws nearer, audience excitement regarding Vivek Anand Oberoi’s character of Vikrant Dhawan reaches new heights every day as he is one of the more beefy character arcs in history.

Commenting on this character’s journey on the series so far, Vivek says, “It feels like we got together for this cracker of a series yesterday, and it’s season three! As a character, I feel like Vikrant Dhawan’s twisted mind has a unique following and I’m glad he has made progress with the story, with new facets of his personality revealed each season. “

Disclosing his character for the upcoming season, the actor says, “This season he’s prepared for something big and won’t stop at anything until he crosses the line. You look into his past to see the scars that” are not visible to the eye .. that makes him the darkness he is! “

“The trailer is just a glimpse of all of the drama and twists and turns that will unfold in ‘Inside Edge 3’, with new characters and hidden truths that add further quirks. As always, it was great fun working with the team and I hope that the energy is reflected on the screen and goes down well with the audience like in previous seasons, “he concludes.

The third season of the show, created by Karan Anshuman and directed by Kanishk Varna, premieres on December 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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