Villa Sofia-Cervello, Psychology Working Group in progress

PALERMO. Represents a kind of “Kaleidoscope” of psychology the new institutionalized team of “Villa Sofia-Cervello”, aims not only to support but also to improve the psychophysical well-being of health workers, patients and family members Organizational dynamics in highly critical situations such as those that characterized the long pandemic.

The Palermo company, with resolution 1373 of October 4, 2021, Visa the psychosocial effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the general population, had recruited various specialists in the sector (besides the fact that in the past a great deal of attention was paid to psychological support as a service-related service), but today it unites them in a team Answers to professionals with different skills increasingly complex requirements, in accordance with the latest legal guidelines addressing the operational and emotional overload of health professionals related to the persistence of stress-related risk high intensity, generated by the treatment of the infected patient and associated with strong, sudden and significant organizational and relational changes, also associated with a review of best exercise for optimal clinical risk management and the prevention of adverse events. Pink code; Suicide Risk Assessment, Prenatal Psychology; Solve problems, Decision marking and crisis fatigue are indeed at the center of the task force’s operational agenda in response to increasingly massive mental health demands, post-pandemic empirical data show.

“It shows up – he comments Walter Messina General Director of AOOR Villa Sofia – Cervello – the value of the integration between hospital clinic and organization and between the well-being of the user and the individual operator, as factors also aimed at the organizational well-being. The centrality of the patient, which is already inherent in the concept of humanizing care, can definitely find an added value in this planning process. Organizational psychology stands today as a strategic element of the most innovative processes of health care companies in order to translate the insights gained in a crisis context into opportunities, in response to the variables imposed by the pandemic and necessarily at the center of an optimized vision of management as quality requirements for clinical risks that result from it aim to prevent, rather than deal with, adverse events within the company.

Concepts like Evaluation, prevention, health and Safety. Motivation and satisfaction, group dynamics and communication processes. Ergonomics (interaction between human work, machine and environment), analysis of organizations, relationships, organizational climate and culture, which have always been at the center of organizational psychology.

«The presence of these professionals in our hospital reality – he says Ilaria Dilena responsible for the team as well as for the operational controls – represented the opportunity to improve hospital care and, in view of the wide variety of inquiries that come with the illness, also the the human and social dimension of the patient and often even situations of severe sociocultural discomfort pass by our relevance and are also an important ally in the doctor-patient relationship and in the communication of health professionals with family members. This latter profile that demands today new algorithmswhich aims to overcome the limitations dictated by the isolation and limitation of physical contact that require the search for new languages ​​».

“The health workers – continues Dilena – had to remodel, Dealing with illness, suffering and death therefore had to metabolize strong emotional variables in relation to pre-Covid supply processes, with consistent implementation of stress-related stresses ”.

Nice INAIL (National Institute for Occupational Accident Insurance) e Cnop (National Council of the Order of Psychologists) called for the activation of task forces that deal with stress management and the prevention of Burn out for health workers in a Sars-CoV-2 emergency, in the hope of building a homogeneous network to identify instruments and methods that are useful for maintaining occupational safety, also taking into account the now historical assumption of the World Health Organization that health is per Definition is: “The state of complete physical, mental and social well-being that does not only exist in the absence of illness or ailment”, noticed in cutting edge Legislative Decree 81/08 on the subject of occupational safety.

In this context is team psychology allows renewed attention psychosocial risks as aspects of work organization and management, with the aim of achieving the Interactions between the person and the organization or his living environment, his way of building effective, efficient and satisfactory work behavior in relation to other people and the work equipment, his personal and professional development and everyone Factors ecological, social, technical and cultural aspects that can increase the chances of mastering personal and business decisions in an emergency or critical phase.

The working group consists of doctors: Alessia Alongi, Marilisa Cammarata, Valentina Ficili, Giulio Gambino, Antonella Lunetta, Federica Licata, Angela Moscato, Elisa Modica, Gessica Marceca, Marcella Marramaldo, Susanna Marotta, Patrizia Nacci, Alessandra Pizzuto, Silvia Puccinella, Termino, Ivana Zingales and Miriana Cirella Sonia Balatti.

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