Updates from the polls: Tompkins County area codes and local thoughts

ITHACA, NY –– Voters across Tompkins County voted today for this year’s local elections. The Ithaca voice I stopped by some polls at noon on June 22nd to catch up with both workers and voters, and here’s what they had to say.

Mclean Fire Department Election Workers (Gronton District 4)

“It’s a long day, I’m here (I’ve seen) two dozen people from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.,” said Massimo Sammons, Tompkins County polling officer.

During their tenure with the Mclean Fire Department, several other election workers commented on the cost of the elections themselves and said they were grateful to be able to hold these elections even with such small capacity.

Voters in Danby Fire Station (Danby Districts 1 and 3)

“As a resident of Danby, I felt it was my duty to cast my vote,” said Karl Mageo. “The biggest one is the motorway maintenance officer who is pretty important in a place like Danby, you know, who takes care of our roads.”

Voters in the Tabernacle Baptist Church (Ithakas 5th Congregation)

Some voters had more than just local elections in mind – one person who voice spoke to shared her thoughts on the highly competitive New York City mayoral election.

“I think we should start a ranking poll in Ithaca,” said Connie, a woman who preferred to use only her first name. “This way you can express your first vote, your second vote and your third vote … In New York City, the mayoral elections are going to be ranked for the first time.”

Another person we spoke to in the fifth ward commented on the controversial nature of voting in that neighborhood. The fifth ward is the only seat on the Joint Council with more than one candidate after the first ward candidates Shaniya Foster and Yasmin Rashid both left earlier this month. Candidates Marty Hiller and Robert Cantelmo are both competing for the position.

“Local area codes are very important because in our community you really make choices,” said Michael Divo. “The Democrats are likely to be elected for the most part, so that’s where the real choice comes from.”

Voters at Mclean Fire Department (Gronton District 4)

“I’m feeling pretty good,” said Gronton resident William Cummings, “as I hope I think one of them (candidates) is very qualified. I voted for Ellard Keister today. He did a good job campaigning and stopped by a couple of times. He actually stopped a few minutes ago and said, ‘Today is the day,’ so I came here. “

The two candidates for the Republican primary in Groton District 4 are Ellard Keister and Kenneth Carr. Both Keister and Carr are running for the position of Highway Superintendent, which is a 4-year term in the city of Groton. Keister has worked for the Highway Department in Groton for 16 years. Carr has worked for the Groton City Motorway division for the past 12 years, alongside working for the Mclean Fire Department.

Voters in Varna Community Center (Dryden District 4 and 9)

“I hope the candidate I support wins,” said Barbra Bedford, Dryden resident or stingy and wanting money for things other than helping people. ”

“I think it’s great that the Democrats have four different primaries for the county legislature. progressive place it is, ”said Jim Gustafson, Dryden resident and Tompkins County Democratic Committee official.

There are a total of 18 different places to vote for the Tompkins County primaries today, all open until 9 p.m. Preliminary results will be published at The voice of Ithaca as soon as they are made available by the Tompkins County Electoral Board tonight June 22nd. However, the final results will be available after a few days once the postal and entry-level ballots have been counted.

Written by Ithaca Voice interns Mikayla Rovenolt and Desiree Holz

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