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The expected highlight of the new COVID wave raises many questions for the economy and thus for one of the most vulnerable sectors in our country – tourism. A large part of hoteliers say they’ve been through this for the past 2 years COVID crisis with difficulty. Now the cases are increasing again, fortunately not as much as in some neighboring countries. However, a large number of hoteliers have taken preventively Dimensions to protect their guests.

Borislava decided to rest in Varna and the new COVID Wave doesn’t worry her at all.

The hotel is great. No reason to worry. All precautions are taken. There is nothing to worry about and worry about as we have no direct contact with the staffsays the woman. She says her family took it too Dimensions – they are all vaccinated.

Nothing worries them hoteliers either.

We invested a lot of money in the hotels in the first year – we installed plexiglass, partition walls at the reception, ie we insulated them tourists as much as possible so that they have no direct contact, neither with the employees nor largely with others tourists” explains Pavlin Kosev, Chairman of the Varna Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers.

A large proportion of the guests in the hotel bases along the northern Black Sea coast say they feel safe. However, hoteliers are ready to respond if necessary.

Considering the bitter experience we have had, we are ready and guarantee that it is safe for us, no cases of COVD morbidity are allowed. There aren’t any at the moment and I hope there won’t be any in the future. If, God forbid, such a case should arise. That Dimensions will be according to the procedure. The District Health Inspectorate will be notified. Action will be taken. This guest will either be isolated in a hospital or quarantined,” explained Stanislav Stoyanov, deputy chairman of the Union of hoteliers in the “golden sands”.

We always have one thing in mind. We have a place to isolate them, of course we have a contract for emergency medical assistance if needed“, says the manager of a hotel in Balchik – Hristo Zhelev.

However, until now it was rarely necessary, and patients with COVID were in small numbers.

There is a patient with COVID at Pavlin Kosev’s hotel, but he had no contact with staff or other tourists.

This tourist is alone in the room. He is being watched. We set up a special table right next to his room. We bring him his food there, we serve his dishes there.”

A separate procedure describes exactly how it is disinfected – its dishes are washed and disinfected separately‘” Kosev explained.

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