There is a need to remove the caste Varna system from the country; Said Mohan Bhagwat

The Sangh chief also said that if you believe our ancestors made mistakes, there should be no problem accepting the mistakes.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has advocated the complete elimination of concepts such as varna and caste. On Friday, Mohan Bhagwat said that in modern times, concepts like varna and caste should be completely abandoned. Bhagwat said that anything that causes discrimination should be unwrapped. Bhagwat addressed a book launch event and said these things were not relevant now. He said that social discrimination should be ended completely.

no problem admitting mistakes

Let us tell you that at the book launch celebration in Nagpur, the Sangh chief said that social equality is a part of Indian tradition but has been forgotten. So it had harmful consequences. He said that caste is over and now forget it. The Sangh chief also said that if you think our ancestors made mistakes, then there should be no problem in admitting the mistakes. All ancestors made mistakes.

said about the imbalance of the population

It is worth noting that the sangh chief said something earlier on Wednesday about the population imbalance, to which people of a particular community receive many objections. He had said the nation should formulate a comprehensive population control policy that applies equally to all social groups, and that community-based “population imbalance” is an important issue that cannot be ignored. This statement by the Sangh chief was also criticized by many political parties.

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