The theater producer Fabian Nunez went to Surfsideside with his daughter for a beach day

Fabian Núñez was a well-known theater producer in his native Argentina.

His social circles included several celebrities in the country, including television star Nicolas Vazquez and ballet dancer Flavio Mendoza.

But Nunez’s joy in his life and that of his partner Andres Galfrascoli was her 5-year-old adopted daughter Sofia.

Nunez was spending his last hours with Andres and Sofia when their one-day trip to Miami Beach became tragic.

He was killed when the Champlain Towers South in Surfside collapsed in the early hours of June 24th. According to Clarin, Argentina’s largest newspaper, Nunez was 55 years old.

Galfrascoli, 44, and Sofia had not been found Thursday evening.

“This girl was her dream,” said Nicolas Patoka, a friend of Nunez, in an interview with Clarín, as the Miami Herald recently reported.

Andres Galfrascoli, Fabian Nunez and Sofia Nunez are to be shown.  Posters of some of the missing from the collapse of the Champlain Towers South Condo in Surfside, Florida were photographed on the memorial fence near the crime scene on June 28, 2021.

“They are such humble and good people who have never been given anything in their life. It is impossible to explain how hard they struggled to get their little angel and now she too is missed. ”

According to the Herald, Nunez and Galfrascoli, a plastic surgeon who also treated numerous celebrities in their homeland and had a longstanding friendship with the nation’s first lady, Fabiola Yanez, had been in Miami for three months.

They did this to avoid worsening conditions in Argentina related to the COVID-19 pandemic and lived with Patoka in Hollywood, about 40 minutes north of Surfside.

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But the couple wanted a break and a day to take young Sofia to the beach, so Patoka offered them to stay for a day in apartment 803 in the south tower, which was his.

“I wish I hadn’t offered them,” Patoka told Clarin in Spanish, close to tears according to the report.

Nunez met Galfrascoli through a mutual friend, Patoka’s mother, according to the report, and it was a long struggle before they could finally adopt Sofia, who was born to a surrogate mother.

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Patoka told Clarin that his father visited Nunez and his family the night before the breakdown and left early because the couple wanted to get up early the next day to take Sofia to the beach to play.

Patoka added in the interview that the couple are trying to have another child soon so Sofia could have a younger sibling.

“This was a friendship that became something more for us,” Patoka told Clarin. “They weren’t just friends, they were family.”

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