The railway tragedy “Hitrino”: after 5 years there are no sentences –

5 years after Explosion in Hitrino, the village has been completely restored. The houses are new, but the souls are empty, say the locals. People admit that they still live in fear, and the victims’ families continue to live with nightmarish memories. How did the incident claim dozens of lives and do them justice? – says Michaela Karabelova.

The day is December 10, 2016, just after 5:00 a.m. A train derailed in the center of Hitrino. 7 people died and 29 were injured. Aside from the house, the explosion swept the whole world away from Shenai Ahmedova. She leaves her husband and young son under the rubble of the derailed composition.

“There is nothing left of our house. Everything fell on us. It was hell. Everything was on fire. ” said the woman.

With the help of the state, Shenai is getting a new home. “They built the house, but it’s not like it used to be. There is no joy inside “, said the woman.

There is pain inside, Shenai says. Pain that wakes up every day from the signal of another passing train.

“I get goose bumps every time. I keep thinking about the incident. That is a great trauma. ” She explained.

Derailed tanks take the life of Sherafeddin-Mehmed’s wife. The explosion swept the furnace where his wife worked.

“My wife was burned alive. There is no one to bring her back to me. I had a heart attack after her death. Nobody waits for me after work in the evenings.”the man announced.

Stefan Stefanov is the man who saved the living and dead after the explosion.

“I personally brought out three dead people. One of the workers, who was also my friend, was disfigured. Life after something like that is very difficult. I have had cancer for two years “, says the man.

Many residents of the village fell ill after the tragedy.

“The village has been restored, but the people’s health is not. There are 6 houses here, in 4 there are two cancer patients. Nobody pays attention to these facts. There are people who have died of cancer. There are none in this life , and maybe I’ll follow them“, Says Stefan.

Hitrino restored, but only materially. More than 7 million BGN was spent transparently and fairly, claims Mayor Nouridin Ismail.

“We repaired the damage 100%. My conscience is pure “, he said.

Ismail was the permanent mayor of Hitrino since 18 years. During this time he was supported by DPS, GERB and DOST. The last elections in the municipality were won by “Democratic Bulgaria“.

“There have been people who have said that this money was being spent in an opaque and irresponsible way. I can tell you that we have spent all of the money allocated. “, the mayor of the village is categorical.

“In 5 years it wasn’t clear who was to blame. There are cameras in the area. I received a complaint from them.” train Lawyers of the drivers that they are not guilty “, said Nikolai Tsachev.

“More than 30 cases of non-pecuniary damage have been filed. Claims of around BGN 6 million with accrued interest have been filed,“Explained the lawyer Nikolai Dimitrov.

The two drivers were held responsible for the deaths of 7 people and the devastation of an entire village on state charges. The Shumen and Varna courts sentenced Radoslav Petkov and Dimitar Mihnev to 10 and 15 years in prison, respectively.

The last word of justice is the Supreme Court of Cassation. The drivers and their defense lawyers decided to remain silent until the final decision.

“There is a chance the case will be returned for retrial, but it will most likely be the final decision,” he said. explained lawyer Petra Svilenova.

The final decision cannot wait for the living victims of Hitrino. The lawyer Lyudmil Rangelov commented on the reasons for the tragic incident in the Nova TV studio “Sabudi Se”.

“I linked this serious incident to the 1992 one railroad Accident near Kazichene. The perpetrators are punished in this phase. I’m talking about the driver and the passenger. There are many other things that need to be checked. I don’t think others will be punished. If the fasteners were really missing and the ballast prism was loose, this could also lead to an accident. This neglect in the technological maintenance of the structure of the railroad Lines in our country lead to accidents. There are many omissions in this case. It’s reckless guilt. Hardly anyone will be punished for the serious incidents in our country. We usually punish the last person in the chain who can be linked to the specific incident “, said Rangelow.

According to him, it is possible that e.g. tragedy will happen again.


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