The lights of the city of Plovdiv pulsate every time a baby is born

The lights of the city of Plovdiv pulsate every time a baby is born

Lights in Kapana District will flicker when hospital staff and fathers press a special button

On January 18, the Bulgarian Municipality of Plovdiv announced that it is undertaking its restoration and expansion “Born Today” installation, celebrating the birth of every newborn baby in town. As part of this project, the lights come on Kapana district in Plovdiv will flicker and pulse every time a baby is born in 4 of the city’s maternity wards.

To inform residents and visitors of a new life, the fathers of the newborns and the medical staff of the hospitals press a special button that causes the neighborhood lights to pulse. Near the flickering lights is a stone plaque explaining the purpose of the Born Today installation evoke feelings of faith and hope for the future of the Bulgarian city.

A button makes the lights pulsate (Source: Municipality of Plovdiv on Facebook)

extension of the project

Since the installation was a success when it was first implemented in 2018, the community now wants to expand its scope. More specifically, the project aims to go beyond Kapana County and bring joy to people in other areas. Some of the suggested locations include the Area around Roman Stadium, Sahat Tepe Tower and Youth Hill.

It is important to reiterate that the installation first brought joy to Plovdiv residents in 2018, when the The Italian artist Alberto Garuti presented it together with curators Katya Angelova and Alessandra Pozhanti. Funded by Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019″, the project was implemented for the 24th Contemporary Art Week of the Art Today Foundation.

The community expanded and revealed the artist and his work Garuti’s installation has been delighting people all over the world since 1998, when he first realized the Born Today project in Bergamo 24 years ago. Since then, Garuti has raised hopes in Japan, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Belgium and Bulgaria.

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