The Average Salary in Bulgaria Now Exceeds 1,000 BGN (510 EUR) –

That Average salary exceeded in the country BGN 1,000 in all regions. There are still small communities with lower incomes and a real risk of impoverishing communities. However, Average Incomes are still outpacing consumer price growth. The data comes from the Institute for Market Economy.

There is no longer an area with one Average salary lower than BGN 1,000 Only Kardzhali makes an exception in certain months of 2021 to which the statistics refer. Sofia is the leader with one Average salary from BGN 2,300, followed by Varna and Plovdiv.

The Northwest is an example of large income inequalities, and in the central region, higher salaries are earned outside the regional centers, explains economist Adrian Nikolov:

Montana, Vidin, Vratsa, there is a very big inequality because there are some very high salaries in Kozloduy and the NPP-related activities. In general, there are very large differences within the districts themselves. The district center there is more of a service centre, while production is located in the outskirts and commercial areas and we also receive correspondingly high wages there. Srednogorye region is one such traditional leader, where wages are always very high.”

In areas of inequality and where the Average Salary grows more slowly, there is a real risk of impoverishment. In general, however, inflationary processes are still under control, commented Adrian Nikolov:

At this point, wages are still going on, at least in the first quarter – we’re talking about those Averageto surpass price growth, but it is quite possible that this will not apply to all regions of the country and, accordingly, we will see real impoverishment in some other parts“.

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