Steag and LSG are completing a 66 MW solar park in Bulgaria and preparing to build another

SENS LSG built a 66 MW solar park near Plovdiv in just six months. The joint venture of Steag and LSG is preparing to start installing 50 MW more photovoltaic capacity in Bulgaria next month.

SENS LSG, a joint venture between Würzburg-based Steag Solar Energy Solutions (SENS) and its Austrian partner LSG, has completed a photovoltaic system in Bulgaria with a peak output of 66 MW. It is located in the municipality of Dalgo Pole near Plovdiv.

More than 122,300 panels are installed on trackers that allow them to change their orientation and follow the position of the sun, the companies said. Annual output is estimated at 100 GWh.

Next solar park project planned with 50 MW

Bulgaria plans to increase the share of energy from renewable sources in its electricity mix to 25% by the end of the decade, SENS stressed. The construction of the park started in March and is now connected to the grid. The joint venture pointed out that the plant would save 47,000 tons of carbon emissions per year.

SENS LSG plans to start building 50 MW of solar capacity in Bulgaria in November.

The EU climate target changes the rules of the game for Bulgaria

“We recognized the potential of Southeast Europe early on. So far, however, there has often been a lack of political will to expand solar energy. Thanks to the EU’s binding climate target, we can now use Bulgaria’s climatic and ecological potential and start building large solar parks,” said LSG Group Managing Director Karl Göth.

According to statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency, Bulgaria had installed almost 1.2 GW of solar power by the end of last year.

SENS LSG was founded at the end of 2020. Both companies are active in other countries in the region, including Hungary. LSG, based in Vienna, is involved in the project for the largest battery storage facility in Romania. SENS LSG is developing solar power projects in Greece with a total capacity of 480 MW.

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