Some of the Bulgarians rescued on the burnt ferry are already returning to Bulgaria –

The 36 were drivers of a transport company from Plovdiv rescued of the ferry are already traveling by bus from Igoumenitsa to Bulgaria. The transport is provided by her employer. The Bulgarian consul in Thessaloniki has assured that all undocumented persons can cross the border without any problems.

Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 7 Bulgarians missing after ferry fire nearby Greece

The last Bulgarian to be taken out of the fire ferry was Alexi Penev, 64 years old. He spent more than 10 hours with a Turkish truck driver in a room at the back of the ship that was inaccessible because of the flames. The rescuers reached him thanks to the information from the Bulgarian side.

“We kept in touch with him on the phone right up until the end and he said the colleague had given up, it was obviously very scary. They were in a room where air came from outside, fresh air, the authorities themselves began to pour water to lower the temperature, and they worried that water would get into their compartment, they thought the ship would go down, but that was a good thing. We kept in touch with the driver and let him know what was being done.” said Ilian Filipov, owner of a transport company.

The man is currently in the hospital. The company provides a psychologist to work with the victims. One of the drivers told BNT that they were terrified by the experience. They are grateful to the crew, who did not allow panic on board.

“About 30-40 minutes of the whole procedure and that is thanks to the crew who worked quickly, did not allow panic and chaos, thanks to them we are alive and well,” said Rumen Cholakov, driver.

People left undocumented cross the border with theirs ferry Ticket. Photos of Bulgarian citizens wanted by their relatives have surfaced on social media.


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