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Sofia Hayat, the popular singer, tv-personality and actress big boss 7, posted a stunning series of photos from her trip to Hurghada. In it, she posed poolside in a multicolored swimsuit and showed off her body. She also wrote a revealing caption in which she spoke about her journey to self-love. “I stand strong by who I am,” she said. How does she keep herself so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Sofia Hayat stays in shape and the photos that prove they work – and to get yourself ready for the beach, don’t miss these must-haves 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos Ever!

In her latest Instagram post, Hayat decided to denounce a publication that mistreated her. She revealed they decided not to post an interview she had with them after seeing their pose in a swimsuit. Despite this, Hayat says she’s still comfortable. “I recently had a major publication that wanted to write about my spiritual journey and they interviewed me. After seeing my bikini pics on Instagram they decided not to publish the story because how can a former nun be spiritual and have the gifts that I have when I’m wearing a bikini…I’d rather “without.” clothes”… for that is my pure, natural, sacred state.

Hayat revealed in an interview with women fitness that she was bullied growing up because of her looks and that it hurt her self-esteem. She says these experiences have encouraged her to always believe in herself, especially when no one else does. “When I was at school I was bullied and the girls used to say to me, ‘You’re so ugly, no guy will ever want you.’ I always believe in myself even when others haven’t guessed it.If you work hard with morality and honesty you can achieve success!I am very blessed and have worked really hard for what I have achieved.

Hayat’s job as an actress takes her all over the world. In her interview with Women Fitness, Hayat was asked how she’s adjusting to all this travel and new experiences. Hayat replied: “My advice would be to just enjoy it! There are always challenges wherever you go for work. But if you love what you do and work hard, it doesn’t matter what country you are in.”

In her interview with Women Fitness, Hayat broke down her fitness routine. She says yoga, especially Bikram yoga, is one of her favorite types of exercise. “I love Bikram Yoga, it relaxes and detoxifies me and is good for my body.”True yoga is a seeker of truth. It’s not just about the asanas. Assume each pose and meditate on it. I had a lot of old codes and past life memories released in my body from certain poses, but I needed to be in a place without ego and purity and truth, not just in this moment but as a way of life,” she wrote.

Hayat is open about her love for horseback riding. She loves them so much that she tells Women Fitness that she took up the sport of polo. “I also love to play polo, not only is it a great body toner but it also relieves all stress. I also love doing a sport where I’m bonded with such a magnificent and powerful animal. It’s like me and the horse are untouchable!”

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