Sofia and Skopje hope to have a more active dialogue on bilateral issues –


The prospect of taking a real step forward in the European integration of the Republic of North Macedonia was the central topic of a conversation between the Prime Minister of the country Zoran Zaev and the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev at the end of the NATO summit in Brussels.

Prime Minister Zaev is scheduled to visit Sofia this week. According to a statement from the government press office President Radev stressed the general unreserved support of Bulgaria for the future of the Republic of North Macedonia in the EU as well as Sofia’s expectations of a direct and active political one dialog The aim was to find solutions to the existing open questions in the bilateral relations between the two nations.

“Both Rumen Radev and Zoran Zaev underlined the positive signal within the framework of bilateral relations that the Heads of State and Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia received with a joint visit to Rome and the Vatican in May to honor the work of Brother Saint Cyril and Method ”, it says in the declaration.

The meeting emphasized the common will to achieve sustainable and irreversible results in building good neighborly relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonia in order to meet public expectations in both countries.

Bilateral partnership in the field of security and defense and the possibility of developing cooperation in military training and cadet exchanges between the two countries were also among the topics addressed by Prime Minister Zaev and President Radev in Brussels.


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