So far, 1,627,049 people have been counted by filling out the electronic card –

So far, 1,627,049 people have been counted by filling out the electronic card. They live in 713,678 households, reported the National Statistics Institute.

37.5 percent of the population of the cities of Plovdiv and Varna are currently counted online, the data shows today, September 20, at 11.00 a.m. For comparison: In Sofia it is already 40.8 percent that are counted electronically.

In the different regions of the three largest cities, the electronic census does not run at the same speed.

In Sofia, the share of those listed in the population is highest in the Izgrev district (51.9%) and lowest in the Studentski and Kremikovtsi districts (19.6% each). The ranking in Varna is led by the Primorsky region (42.2 percent) and in Plovdiv by the Yuzhen region (36.2 percent).

For the country, the ranking continues to be headed by the relative share of the districts listed by the districts in the district’s population Sofia (Capital), in second place is the Varna district (29.5 percent).

Third place with the same result is shared by the districts of Gabrovo and Ruse, in which exactly a quarter of the population has so far been counted electronically.

A counter in the Borovo district of the capital sent a special email with his initials and a “count” to collect the codes of those who counted electronically. The address will be posted on the census section and people will be able to send them their exact address and the unique codes they were given.


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