Skin Care Secrets: Sofia Zobel Elizalde shares her nightly skin care routine


What is your evening skin care routine like?

Most nights after a long day, I start with a hot bath. I am a total bathing person. To relax, I use bath salts and light candles. I also like to play music that relaxes me, like soothing piano or even meditation music, which is always wonderful.

One of my favorite grooming lines is Eva Lom. I start by cleaning my face with their cleanser. It comes with a special cloth that is great for rinsing off.

Then I use that Eva Lot rescue mask. Excellent. You will see the results immediately. I use the mask on my face, neck and chest area.

After that I use Merula oil on my face. I can’t live without this product! I use it day and night. It’s great, especially for dry skin. Then I use Organic oil for my body, another staple food that I cannot live without.

Some days I use Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir after a long weekend on the farm or the beach for extra moisture for the skin before bed. And finally, I always use Eve Lom KISS MIX on my lips. It’s the best lip balm I’ve tried.

What are your Holy Grail Products?

My holy grail products I can’t live without are all of the above!

What is a skin care hack you think we should know about?

Ultimately, in my opinion, skin care is all about living a healthy life, eating healthy, and finding the products that work for you and your lifestyle.

Stay away from too much sun, I’m a guilty party as I love the beach, but I always make sure to wear a cool hat to protect my skin!

And last but not least, try to find happiness in everything you do, this will always make your skin glow!

Are there any skin care rules that you’ve broken that have done wonders for your skin? Maybe an unusual product that you use?

I take Super collagen peptides powder in my coffee every morning that really helps with healthy skin, hair, nails and joint support!


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