Six “quacks” on two days in Ahmedabad

Six people were arrested within two days for allegedly practicing medicine in the Ahmedabad district without the required degrees.

Police said the Ahmedabad Rural Police’s Special Operations Group (SOG) carried out an action to crack down on fake clinics run by suspected fraudulent doctors in the villages of Ahmedabad County.

The arrested quacks are Bharat Satiya and Sanjeet Bhala from Varna village in Koth, Shahir Juneja from Kamirjala (Viramgam rural), Shyam Bhala from Dharji village (Bavla), Hardik Prajapati from Visalpur village (Aslali) and Babu Satiya, the one Clinic in Vataman. operate village (Koth). The police also confiscated allopathic drugs valued at over Rs 1.5 lakh from the defendants.

According to the police, the accused practiced medicine and prescribed allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines to unqualified patients in their villages.

“On a tip-off, SOG teams raided the clinics run by six fake doctors. The defendants were unable to produce a medical degree or their practitioner’s registration number, ”said a senior official from the Ahmedabad District Police Department.

“Some of them had Grade 12 passports and have been treating villagers for several years. We have confiscated the drugs found in their clinics, sealed the clinics, and arrested all six defendants under sections of the Gujarat Medical Practitioners’ Act and IPC 336 for negligent conduct to endanger human life, ”the official added.

In May and June 2021, Gujarat police made a nationwide drive and arrested up to 59 fake doctors from various cities who were treating suspected Covid patients allopathically. According to the police, most of the 59 defendants were not from Gujarat.

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