Sharad Kelkar on the Family Man 2 controversy: It doesn’t take anything to criticize, it takes a lot to create something | Web series

Actor Sharad Kelkar is completely “satisfied” with the response to his latest web show. The family man 2. While many questions from the first season were answered here, the only unanswered question about this track was: What happened between him and Suchi (Manoj Bajpayee’s wife on the show, a character played by Priyamani) in Lonavala? Social media is full of questions and memes.

“It’s a mystery, wait for the third season,” the actor chuckles and adds, “To be honest, we haven’t started yet, so I don’t even know.”

Regarding the overwhelming response the show is getting, Kelkar says he anticipated it and was sure things were “bigger and more mature” this time around.

“The writing, Raj & DK (directors)… it was a different class. It actually appeared on the OTT platform the day before (when it was supposed to be released). I didn’t read the reviews right away and finished the show the next afternoon. Everyone did such a brilliant job, ”he says.

The actor goes on to say that when watching content, “it doesn’t matter whether I’m there or not, and I see it in an unbiased and more critical manner”.

The release of the second season also met with opposition and calls for a ban as some people felt that the Tamils ​​were being portrayed in a negative light. Kelkar says these things keep coming up.

“You don’t need anything to criticize something. But it takes a lot to create something. Obviously the makers are educated and learned people, they have seen the whole world and will take that into account. It was carefully written. Aisa nahi hai ki mann my aaya aur likh diya, ”he claims.

Kelkar says that everything that is seen in the cinema or on the internet is mostly “fictional” and gives a very similar example: “Daadi kehti hain raat ko, ‘So ja, varna bhoot aa jaayega’. Are you going to say, ‘Daadi, forbid horror stories’? It is stupidity. Nobody abuses someone or takes someone’s name, why should someone be against something. “

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