Settlers trailer with Johnny Lee Miller and Sofia Boutella

While humanity is still sending probes out to Mars and theorising what the colonization of the planet might look like in reality, fiction has already made great strides, especially in the upcoming movie. Settlers.

And as the trailer for the IFC film (below) proves, people found in it not only the wonder, but also a kind of horror.

The movie stars Johnny Lee Miller (Elementary level) and Sofia Boutella (The Mummy) as a refugee couple from Earth, who brought their nine-year-old daughter Remmy (The turn‘s Brooklynn Prince) on their remote homestead on the Martian border. However, things change when strangers appear in the surrounding hills and try to evict them, and parents are forced to slowly share the truth about their current existence.

While it’s not entirely clear what exactly is going on – it’s a trailer, after all – it’s worth noting that not everything is what it seems, especially when Remmy discovers a glass dome around the land that makes up the homestead. However, this could just be to keep the air breathable.

The film was written and directed by Wyatt Rockefeller and is his feature film debut. Ismael Cruz Cordova (servant) and Nell Tiger Free (Lord of the Rings) also star.

Settlers hits theaters and on VOD on July 23rd.

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