Security Alert – Floating mines in the Black Sea

Security Alert: Drifting mines in the Black Sea

Location: Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Black Sea, Sea of ​​Azov

Incident: Drifting mines in the Black Sea

There are confirmed reports of an undetermined number of floating mines in the western Black Sea, at least four of which have been intercepted by Turkish and Romanian authorities. Floating mines pose a danger to merchant and passenger ships.

The State Department recommends that US citizens traveling by sea read the guidance from the NATO Shipping Center and the US Maritime Advisory System regarding the risk of collateral damage in the northwestern, western, and southwestern Black Seas and Sea of ​​Azov.

Measures to be taken:

  • Be careful when considering ship travel in the Black Sea region.
  • If you have questions or concerns about an upcoming trip, check with your cruise/ferry line, tour group or travel supplier for updates.
  • Monitor local media for updates.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and monitor navigational alert sources (NAVTEX or SafetyNET) for the most up-to-date information.
  • Seafarers planning voyages to the region should also read the United States Maritime Advisories and Warnings. Information may also be posted on the US Coast Guard Homeport website and the NGA Alerts website – select Alerts.

In an emergency or if you need assistance, you should call the police (#112), go to a safe place and wait for police assistance.

Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive safety alerts and make it easier to find you in an emergency. The ministry uses these security messages to transmit information about terrorist threats, security incidents, planned demonstrations, natural disasters, etc

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