Russians Could Be Behind Hacking Attacks Against Bulgaria –

There is no unregulated access to personal data attacks against several government websites today, reports the General Directorate “Fight against Organized Crime” (GDBOP).

The Cybercrime Division of the GDBOP, together with other relevant bodies, is conducting an investigation and taking joint measures to neutralize hackers attacks of the Denial of Service/DDoS type. That attacks do not impair the content of the website, but only make access more difficult. There is no unauthorized access to personal data.

In the early morning hours of October 15, 2022, unknown persons took off attacks against several Bulgarian websites of government organizations, airports, media and telecom providers. At the time of the incident, the attacked sites were intermittently unavailable or difficult to load, GDBOP specifies.

Today there were several hackers attacks on government websites as well as the presidency. It was reported that Russian hacker calling themselves “We are killnet” claimed to have attacked Bulgarian websites.

SANS and GDBOP investigate hackers attacks against BG sites, access to the President’s page is restricted

Meanwhile, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev reported that Russian hacker groups were behind the attack, most of them from the Russian city of Magnitogorsk.

He described the case as extremely serious for Bulgaria‘s national security.

There’s no politics in that. This is a clear criminal case affecting the very foundations of the Bulgarian state,” he added.

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