Russia resumes flights with Belgium, Bulgaria, Jordan, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, North Macedonia, the United States and Turkey

Tatyana Golikova held a meeting of the Emergency Response Center to prevent the import and spread of the novel coronavirus infection on Russian territory.

Following the discussion and taking into account the epidemiological situation in several countries, it was decided to resume regular reciprocal air traffic with the following countries with effect from June 28, 2021:

Belgium: Moscow – Brussels, four flights a week;

Bulgaria: Moscow – Sofia, Moscow – Varna, Moscow – Burgas, four flights a week on each route; Ekaterinburg – Burgas, Ekaterinburg – Varna, Mineralnye Vody – Varna, Samara – Burgas, Rostov-on-Don – Varna, Rostov-on-Don – Burgas, one flight per week on each route;

Jordan: Moscow – Amman and Moscow – Aqaba, two flights a week on each route;

Ireland: Moscow – Dublin, two flights a week;

Italy: Moscow – Rome and Moscow – Milan, four times a week; Moscow – Venice and Moscow – Naples, two flights a week;

Cyprus: Moscow – Larnaca, four flights a week; Moscow – Paphos, three times a week; two weekly flights on each route from Russian airports that have resumed international air traffic to Larnaca and Paphos;

North Macedonia: Moscow – Skopje, one flight a week.

From June 28, 2021, Moscow will also resume air traffic with the USA: Moscow – Washington and Moscow – New York, two flights a week.

In addition, following the visit of a Russian delegation to Turkey and the conclusion of Russian experts on the advisability of resuming scheduled and charter flights with Turkey from June 22, 2021 for the agreed routes and frequencies, a decision was made prior to its suspension.

As of June 28, 2021, the number of scheduled flights to Austria (Moscow – Vienna, from two to seven weekly flights) will be increased in return; Azerbaijan (Moscow – Baku, three to four flights a week);

Armenia (Moscow – Yerevan, five to six flights a week);

Greece (Moscow – Athens, from four to seven flights a week; Moscow – Thessaloniki and Moscow-Heraklion, five flights a week on each route; Moscow – Rhodes and Moscow – Corfu, four flights a week on each route; Moscow – Araxos and Moscow – Zakynthos, two flights per week on each route; Rostov-on-Don – Thessaloniki, Mineralnye Vody – Thessaloniki and Samara – Thessaloniki, two flights per week on each route; Krasnodar – Thessaloniki and Kazan – Thessaloniki, one flight per week on each route );

Qatar (Moscow – Doha, four to seven flights a week; St. Petersburg-Doha, two flights a week);

Serbia (Rostov-on-Don – Belgrade and Krasnodar – Belgrade, two flights a week on each route);

Finland (Moscow – Helsinki, seven to 14 flights a week);

Croatia (Moscow – Split, Moscow – Dubrovnik and Moscow – Pula, two flights a week on each route);

Switzerland (Moscow – Geneva and Moscow – Zurich, three to seven flights per week on each route).

The Response Center also decided to resume overseas flights from Bryansk and Ulyanovsk International Airports from June 28, 2021, taking into account Government Decision No. 635-r of March 16, 2020 and the need to comply with public health requirements.

Due to the complicated epidemiological situation in Tanzania, the current restrictions on air traffic have been extended until July 19, 2021.

The response center has also advised travelers to get vaccinated before their international flight in order to protect themselves against the novel coronavirus.

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