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15-17 knots of wind and big waves brightened up the second race day of the EurILCA Senior European Championships & Open European Trophy 2021 in Varna, Bulgaria.

The day started at 9:30 a.m. with the coaching meeting. The first fleets to go into water today were the ILCA 6 Women and ILCA 6 Men. The race started as planned at 12:00, with the girls starting their third race in the championship. After them, the boys also started their third race.

The wind then slowly increased in the course of the afternoon and with it the waves. At the end of those first two ILCA 6 races, the ILCA 7 fleet also hit the track to enjoy the action, but they had to wait for both ILCA 6 classes to start their final race of the day.

Unfortunately there were 5 general callbacks for the women at the time, so the day was longer for all 220 sailors waiting to finish or start their race.

However, the racing committee persevered and finally both ILCA 6 fleets were able to fulfill today’s program. Due to the time limit, the ILCA 7 groups could only contest one race instead and returned to land around 6:00 p.m.

Beautiful winds and huge waves guaranteed sailing fun today, although the temperature got a little cold for some of them while the sun hesitated.

The event runs until Saturday, October 9th. 8 new races are planned for the next 4 days of competition.

The starting order for tomorrow is: ILCA 7 Yellow 11:00 / ILCA 7 Blue ASAP according to ILCA 7 Yellow / ILCA 6 Women 14:00 / ILCA 6 Men ASAP according to ILCA 6 Women. Official bulletin board here.

The event is organized by EurILCA in collaboration with SC Cherno More Briz, the Bulgarian Sailing Association, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Municipality of Varna. The event is supported by the port of Varna.

Full results here.


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