Protests blocked a boulevard in Sofia and major roads in Bulgaria –

street builders went on Another protest due to unpaid funds from the state for their activities. There are protests and blockades of major roads across Bulgaria.

Traffic outside the National Assembly was normalized at 12 noon after organizers decided they had made their demands clear and loud to MPs and the Council of Ministers. Namely – by the end of June the due repair work should be running street Maintenance.

During a march to the Council of Ministers, they blocked Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. and the Power Triangle, where protesters called on Prime Minister Kiril Petkov to keep his promise to pay 50% of the amount due immediately.

Here’s what protests street builders in Sofia said:

“We have only received advance payments for three months. There are no salaries, how should we work? There are many layoffs. We currently live on the salaries of our wives. we can’t live on it”, I have to receive at least 3,000 BGN. We came here to make money, but we can’t take our money”.

If Parliament does not make the expected decision, nationwide protests will begin next Wednesday, April 27, and will last indefinitely, blocking roads and intersections.

The rain didn’t stop the driving instructors from taking part protest in the capital with training wagons and their motifs:

“Because we’re not satisfied with the roads, with everything that doesn’t exist street Signs or markings.” We want better rules for training future drivers, we want more hours to raise prices a little”.

Shortly after 11 a.m., organizers released the workers pending news from the National Assembly due to bad weather.

Fifty Black Sea Highways workers blocked the Aytos-Provadia street at the junction between the Aytos and Rishki passes. The protesters are demanding that the state pay them 100% of the amount due to repair the Chirpan-Stara Zagora section of the Trakia highway. The roadblock lasted half an hour.

“The promise is only for 50%, we want 100% of the amount because 50% doesn’t work for us. We will protest until they give us the money we will not give up and go to Sofia, today we have to solve the problem.” said protesters.

In the Haskovo region demonstrators from street Construction companies briefly blocked traffic on the street to Dimitrovgrad and the Maritsa highway near Kapitan Andreevo. Employees of the company “AB AD” took part in the protest, which should receive BGN 40 million.

170 of a total of 320 employees are laid off.

street Construction companies from the Lovech region blocked traffic on the main Sofia-Varna road for several minutes streetand then gradually on the Lovech-Troyan street at Ablanitsa street Crossing.

street builders blocks the Pernik Sofia street in the Dragichevo area for an hour. Mile-long pillars formed. A nervous driver tried to break through the blockade but was stopped by protesters and police. Pernik Roads chief engineer Rosen Milanov said that in October 2021 the company was forced to sign an agreement to withdraw from its five-year contract, allowing it to carry out preventive repairs and winter maintenance:

“The alternative was for RIA to unilaterally terminate our contract and assert our rights in court. We preferred the other option because it meant literal bankruptcy. To date, neither the winter service for the fourth month has been transferred, nor have there been any orders.”

More than half of the workers have already been laid off. The others will celebrate Easter without salaries, said Evgeni Gerasimov – technical director of the company.

That protest was also supported by quarry workers in the village of Studena and subcontractors street building in the region.

Workers and employees of street Maintenance company in the Northeast Bulgaria blocked the Hemus highway for a second time for half an hour and demanded the immediate transfer of monies owed to the state. They carried placards that said “Gentlemen, act” and “Being a roadman is our thing Proudly”.

“It’s always been pride. The state just wants to destroy us. Have you seen how big a certificate is? What is not transparent? Who writes the contracts? Do I write the contracts? write it as a contract” – explained the protester.

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