Plans to persuade citizens to include Bulgaria in the constitution –

There are plans to persuade Macedonians to include Bulgarians in the country’s constitution, which would pave the way for EU accession under an agreement between Skopje and Sofia, North Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said.

In June, after a two-year standoff between Bulgaria and North Macedonia over linguistic, cultural and historical issues, an agreement was negotiated whereby the latter would include Bulgarians in the constitution as a recognized ethnic minority, among several other issues.

The problem is that the government does not have the necessary parliamentary majority to change the constitution, as the opposition is vehemently opposed.

Euronews Albania asked Osmani when the constitutional changes would take place.

“During 16 months we will convince citizens why the constitutional changes are not harmful for the country,” he said, adding: “I remember that inclusion in the constitution like Croatia, which included communities and minorities, strengthened Croatia has, this will also happen with Macedonia.”

Osmani addressed the lack of political consensus needed and said he hoped that changing public opinion would then lead to political change.

“We have partisan political resistance, but the months will serve us to ensure that these constitutional changes strengthen Macedonia,” Osmani said.

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