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In newsThe Prime Minister of India recently paid tribute to freedom fighter Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar on the occasion of his 115th birthday.

A quick note on him-

  • Ukkirapandi Muthuramalinga Thevar, also known as Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar, was a Politician and Patriarch of Thevar Parish from the state of Tamil Nadu, India.
  • He was elected to the national parliamentary constituency three times.
  • One issue that has had a particular impact on Thevar’s political career is the Criminal Tribes Act (CTA), enacted by the government of the Madras Presidency in 1920 and subsequently implemented piecemeal.
  • Thevar mobilized resistance, visiting villages in the affected areas and leading protests for the rights of those registered under her.
  • In 1929, the Maravars of 19 villages in Appanad were forced to register under the CTA. Thevar led a massive campaign in the villages, urging the people to oppose her.
  • In 1934, Thevar organized a congress at Abhiramam that urged the authorities to repeal the CTA.
  • However, the CTA was not revoked, but expanded in its implementation. Thevar again led agitation and awareness campaigns against the law. At the time when the Justice Party ruled the Madras Presidency and their refusal to repeal the law led Thevar to strong hostility towards that party.
  • In 1936 he won district board elections and became district board chairman.
  • In 1937 he won a massive victory against the king in the provincial elections.
  • In 1939 he supported the Temple Entry Movement. And in 1940 he was jailed for appealing the Indian Defense Act.
  • In 1946 he was elected unchallenged in the Madras presidential election.
  • In 1948 he became chairman of the forward bloc party. Subsequently, Muthuramalinga Thevar was national deputy chairman of the All India Forward Bloc (AIFB) from 1952.
  • In 1949 he founded the weekly publisher on behalf of Netaji.
  • In 1952 he won the first Independent India general election.
  • He died on October 29, 1963.
  • The Mukulathor community regards Muthuramalinga Thevar as a divinity.

thevar community

  • The people of the Mukkulathor, collectively known as the Thevarare a community or group of communities native to the central and southern districts of Tamil Nadu, India.
  • The conditions mucous throat and thewar are used synonymously. According to R. Muthulakshmi from Madurai-Kamaraj University, thewar “literally means heavenly beings or people of divine nature” and mucous throat means “three clans united”
  • They include the parishes of Agamudayar, Kallar and Maravar who share a common myth of origin and claim to have been members of various ancient South Indian dynasties.
  • she believe they share a common origin myth that arose from being the descendants of a relationship between Indra and a celestial woman.
  • Thevars traditionally practice a Tamil martial art that is variously known Adimurai, China Adi and Varna ati.
  • In recent years, since 1958, these have been referred to as Southern style Kalaripayattu, although they are distinct from the ancient martial art Kalaripayattu itself, which historically was the style found in Kerala.
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