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No, it’s not optional for everyone. For all of us this is green certificate it’s obligatory. It is only optional for the MPs.

Again, they arranged it that way.

Today in National Assembly a commission to analyze the anti-epidemic measures in the country was not created, and the green certificate to enter houses of Parliament not enter the Chamber at all. It was postponed again, this time at the level of an agenda item, probably until Omicron, as expected, replaced Delta as the most important Covid variant and the wave caused by it subsided as quickly as possible. Until then, Dr. Alexander Simidchiev of Democratic Bulgaria is expected to be revised and adopted by bodies such as the spokesman for the houses of Parliament Nikola Minchev from “We Continue the Change”.

In fact, it is up to them whether MPs want to protect themselves personally from the coronavirus or not, as they would like to get it.

The problem that the opponents of the proposal in the houses of Parliament with a test or a green certificate from “There is such a people” and the Bulgarian Socialist Party that they stop the change, in whose name they came to power together with “We set the change” and “Democratic” Bulgaria“. Then “for some you can, for others not“is a principle that has been eating our society long enough.

Surely there are reasons to be discussing that green certificate by doing National Assembly for the time being – not to emphasize the differences between the ruling coalition partners, not to present a joint vote of WCC and DB together with GERB, not to urge “Vazrazhdane” to protest in front of their eyes houses of Parliamentthat no government likes, and suddenly it turns out that some MPs are lying about being vaccinated … In short – political interests stop the green certificate. More generally – cyclical.

However, restaurateurs also have their own reasons – restaurant interests, doctors have – medical interests, teachers have – educational interests, and so on indefinitely.

There is no way of changing the policy “Get vaccinated, protect yourself, think about vulnerable patients and the elderly” if the message you sent “that doesn’t apply to me“. 100% of the government’s answer is”and it doesn’t apply to me“.” Change “goes so far.

Indeed, the big problem facing our rulers in the name of change is that their good intentions are drowned out by ill-hidden interests and false messages.

Just another example – the free parking lot for MPs next to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It’s illegal, but “that doesn’t apply to us. “So anyone who has parked incorrectly in Sofia can say – why should I pay for parking or a fine if I didn’t stop where I should.

From here to petty corruption, liaison, bullying, hypocrisy, etc., every step is taken at a slow pace and change takes place in leaps and bounds.

/ Juliana Oncheva – OFFNews

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