“No threat of grain crisis in Bulgaria” – The Sofia Globe

There is no threat of a grain crisis in Bulgaria, Agriculture Minister Ivan Ivanov told reporters in Gorna Oryahovitsa on June 4, local media reported.

“This year’s harvest is expected to be very good. Our grain producers will continue to export. The price is increasing due to the lack of these serious imports from Russia and Ukraine. We will continue to support our European partners,” Ivanov said.

Ivanov emphasized that funds have been allocated to producers of meat, fruits and vegetables.

“We have made funds available to them under the temporary framework that the EC has developed to support producers. In the coming days we will announce the funds after the budget has been presented,” he said.

“According to our calculations, we will be able to generate additional funds of about 300 million leva from the national-European funds for emergency aid, in addition to the 143 million that will have to be paid as part of the Covid support,” said Ivanov.

The 300 million leva would be EU and state money for farmers and ranchers.

He said this year’s budget would include a “record high” sum for hail control and urged farmers to apply if their farms were damaged by hail.

(Photo: Andreas-Krappweis/sxc.hu)

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