“No civilization can survive by destroying the environment”

No civilization can survive by destroying the environment. Skyscrapers being built in major cities pose a serious threat to humanity, said environmentalist and filmmaker Suresh Heblikar.

He spoke as the main guest at Art-Exuberance ‘Envibe’, a national level intercollegiate festival organized by the Humanities Department of Alva’s College, Moodbidri.

He said environmental destruction in the name of development is rampant in India, where unlike in the West, metropolitan areas are built unscientifically. These cities emit toxic air and water that cause countless diseases.

Heblikar expressed his serious concern about environmental degradation, saying that despite mastering the ability to accumulate wealth, humans are unable to produce even a drop of water.

Of all the diversity we only know 10%. Our food and water are more contaminated than ever before, he lamented.

dr M. Mohan Alva, chairman of the Alva Education Foundation, said the environment had deteriorated for a variety of reasons. The lives and cultures of indigenous peoples who live warmly with nature are also at stake.

Alva’s has always provided a platform to showcase the culture of at least 50 tribes at every opportunity, he added.

It is a big task to streamline their musical instruments such as flute, drums and songs, he said, adding that converting population into human resources would be a crucial factor in protecting the environment.

dr Kurian, principal of Alva’s College, said it was a tragedy that people who live in nature are known as uncivilized and those who destroy the ecosystem as civilized.


dr Savitha Gundmi from Koraga Congregation, who received her PhD from Mangalore University, and Jeeth Milan Roche, who has planted thousands of seedlings throughout Dakshina Kannada, were congratulated on the occasion.

A poster of a documentary film being produced about the Paniya tribe of Wayanad in Kerala was also released on the occasion.

Several Varna Vibe themed paintings by Fine Art students were the main attraction of the event.

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