Nigeria and the Republic of Bulgaria sign a cooperation protocol

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The Federal Republic of Nigeria signed a cooperation protocol with the Republic of Bulgaria in New York.

The signing ceremony was conducted by Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama and his Bulgarian counterpart Nikolay Milkow.

Onyeama said the protocol aims to help develop and strengthen friendly relations between the two countries.

According to him, the protocol was based on the principles of mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty, independence and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.

He said the cooperation protocol would allow both countries to maintain regular consultations and joint efforts in resolving conflicts peacefully and relieving humanitarian crises.

He said the protocol covers bilateral consultations, regional and international issues of common interest, bilateral cooperation with international organizations.

Others are activities related to the implementation of projects by the official development assistance of the Republic of Bulgaria and others.

“This is an excellent initiative and shows close cooperation between Bulgaria and us. I visited Bulgaria a few months ago and we have an invitation to their President.

“We believe that Bulgaria is a very important member of the European Union and there are many areas where we can strengthen our cooperation, especially in education,” Onyeama said.

Also, Milkow said that Nigeria and Bulgaria have had good momentum in their bilateral ties lately, adding that they must maintain it.

“That is why we are considering signing a series of agreements that will pave the way for sectoral cooperation in many sectors of the economy, political consultations and in all areas of common interest.

“This is the first contract signing. We expect more signings in the field of economy, trade, finance etc.

“During the upcoming visit of the Bulgarian President to Nigeria, we will hopefully deepen this cooperation,” Milkov said.

The ceremony is one of the bilateral breakthroughs recorded by Nigeria at the ongoing 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

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