New York vaccine mandate could cost 3,000 workers their jobs

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Mayor Eric Adams announced if the workers aren’t vaccinated they are not allowed to work, which can cost 3,000 people their jobs, reported The New York Times. As you can imagine the anti-vaccination weren’t that lucky. A crowd of city workers protested against New York City compulsory vaccination for city workers at a march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Times reported that the mayor’s administration is expected to fire up to 3,000 municipal employees on Friday if it doesn’t vaccinated.

From the time:

The mandate introduced by Mr Adams’ predecessor Bill de Blasio has been effective: about 95 per cent of the city’s 370,000 workers have received at least one dose of the vaccine, up from 84 per cent when the mandate was first announced in October.

Mr Adams has repeatedly said he prefers not to sack police officers, firefighters and teachers but that it is more important to get vaccination against the virus.

“We have to be very clear — people need to be vaccinated if they’re employees in New York City,” Mr Adams said at a Thursday news conference in the Bronx. “Everyone understood that.”

Adams also suggested that his administration doesn’t fire the workers, but rather that they quit by refusing to be pushed, the Times reported. However, the city loses an estimated one percent of its workforceit will be the largest reduction in workers due to vaccination requirements in the country, according to the Times.

former health advisor to Mr. de Blasio, Dr. Jay Varna supported the mandate as it protected key workers. “Vaccination orders are contagious. Many other cities and states adopted employee mandates after New York City because if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” Varna said of the Times.

The Times also reported that in addition to the 3,000 workers who could be laid off, another 9,000 unvaccinated workers are seeking union exemptions from vaccination requirements.

From the time:

New York has also seen opposition to its mandate. The unions filed a lawsuit, arguing the city had exceeded its powers, but the challenges were unsuccessful. A group of unions filed a new lawsuit Tuesday, claiming the city failed to follow due process by firing workers.

Overall, about 13,000 workers have requested exceptions known as reasonable accommodation, and 54 percent of those requests have been processed so far, city officials said. About 2,100 were approved and 4,910 rejected.

Let’s see how long they yell “Unvaccinated Lives Matter” before they give in.

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