MPs visit Bulgaria to review animal welfare

A delegation from the EP Committee of Inquiry into the Protection of Animals during Transport (ANIT) headed by Dr. Tilly Metz (Greens, LU), visits Bulgaria from September 20-22, 2021.

A strong delegation of nine MEPs will meet with the Minister of Agriculture, civil servants and Bulgarian veterinary experts to discuss the implementation of current EU rules on the protection of animals during transport and possible improvements. MEPs look forward to seeing firsthand the main difficulties EU countries face in enforcing the current rules, including exporting animals to non-EU countries. In this context, they will visit the Bulgarian-Turkish border crossing at Kapitan Andreevo on September 21. The results of this mission will feed into the work of the committee, which will make suggestions on how to update current EU rules so that animal welfare in the EU is up to date and functioning. In the run-up to the mission, Tilly Metz, chairwoman of ANIT, emphasized: “I am looking forward to the first official mission of our committee of inquiry. Finally, a delegation of MEPs will be able to experience the animal transport in all its complexities and difficulties live. We are planning an exchange of views with various stakeholders and hopefully we will learn more about the roles and responsibilities in the control of animal transport on site. This mission should help us to work out constructive recommendations on various animal welfare issues during the transport, such as fitness checks, infrastructures for collecting and resting or training dog handlers. ” Anja Hazekamp (Die Linke, NL), Mr. Martin Hojsik (Renew, SK), woman Isabel Carvalhais (S&D, PT), Mr. Daniel Buda (EPP, RO), Mr. Michal Wiezik (EPP, SK), Mr. Juozas Olekas (S&D, LT), Ms. Caroline Roose (Greens, FR), Mr. Asger Christensen (Renew, DA). Besides, woman Atidzhe Alieva-Veli (Renew, BG) could also be on the mission.

The Committee of Inquiry into the Protection of Animals During Transport was set up in June 2020 to investigate alleged violations in the application of EU law on the protection of animals during transport and related operations inside and outside the EU, including in air, road, rail and sea . It focuses on the implementation of EU regulations by the member states and their correct enforcement by the EU Commission. The draft report on the investigation into alleged violations and maladministration in the application of EU law and the corresponding recommendations are already being discussed in the committee with a view to adopting them in December 2021.

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