More than 2 million COVID certificates have been downloaded in Bulgaria –

The total number of COVID certificates downloaded exceeded over 2 million by the National Health Information System. In just the last 10 days when the new anti-epidemic measures were introduced, consumers have downloaded a total of more than 1.05 million documents, that is 55% of the total number of certificates. The system for generating certificates went into operation on June 1, 2021.

On October 25, 2021, almost 263,000 downloads were reported during the day, which is a record for that period. On the same day, the system reported another record performance – almost 27,000 downloads in 60 minutes. At peak times, users downloaded an average of 500 documents per minute, that is almost 9 certificates per second. The data was officially handed over to the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communication, Hristo Alexiev, by the Executive Director of Information Services AD Ivaylo Filipov.

“The system for generating certificates developed by Information Services AD has contributed to the fact that the Bulgarian economy continues to function normally under the conditions of tightened anti-epidemic measures”, said Ivaylo Filipov. According to him, over 30% of Bulgarian citizens already have the COVID. and use it effectively certificategiving them access to public places where restrictive measures have been imposed. According to the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communication, Hristo Alexiev, almost 50,000 school and kindergarten employees already have the document that enables them to carry out their duties in the face of strict anti-epidemic measures. “We are proud of it Bulgaria was among the first 7 countries to start issuing the document 30 days before the European Regulation (EU) 2021/953 became mandatory for all EU countries and among the first 4 countries to validate the electronic COVID. have started certificate “, Said Minister Christo Alexiev.

So far, the system has generated a total of 3,563 million certificates. Of these, around 1.5 million documents are for a completed vaccination cycle and almost 17,000 documents are for a booster dose. Almost 1.3 million have been issued certificates for a negative coronavirus test result, and more than 178,000 were for COVID-19 Patients who are confirmed with a positive PCR result. The generated certificates with COVID-19 with a positive result of an antigen test are over 60,000.

The Bulgarian validator COVID CHECK BG developed by Information Services AD has been able to provide certificates for patients since yesterday COVID-19, with a positive antigen test result after Google approved the new version of the application. It can be used to check and scan visitor certificates in restaurants, halls, cinemas, theaters, sporting events and more. So far the Bulgarian validator was downloaded over 100,000 times from the Google Play Store

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