Ministry of Transport: Unloading of the cargo ship stranded on the Bulgarian coast has started

The implementation of the rescue plan for the unloading of the chemical fertilizer cargo of the Vera Su, the ship that has been stranded on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast since September 20, announced the country’s Ministry of Transport on October 18.

The ministry said it would take three to four days to implement the plan.

The Vera Su ran aground near Kamen Bryag on the Bulgarian north coast under circumstances still to be investigated. The crew was evacuated on October 6, and the master and the second mate were charged by the Bulgarian public prosecutor‘s office in connection with the stranding of the ship and the endangerment of human life and the environment.

The Ministry of Transport’s statement on October 18 said that another inspection of the ship had been carried out to look for new breaks in the hull. Additional anchors were set to further stabilize the ship, the statement said.

The implementation of the plan provides for the attachment of a barge with external hydraulics to the stranded ship, which controls the opening and closing of the hold and the overall control of the ship, according to the statement.

The liquefied urea is pumped out with the three barges provided by the European Maritime Safety Agency and transferred to the special tanker Galaxy Eco. The dry urea is transported to the port of Varna-Ost, where it is loaded onto freight wagons of the Bulgarian state railway BDZ.

The final step after unloading the cargo would be to tow the ship to a safe location, the statement said. The ministry announced that the hull will be reinforced and reinforced beforehand.

According to the weather forecast, the operation can be done safely, 24 hours a day, for the next three to four days, the statement said.

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(Photo: Ministry of Transport)

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