Minister of Health of the Caretaker: The system for admission in Bulgaria will change on July 1st


Bulgarian Health Minister Stoicho Katsarov said on June 30th that there would be a new system for entry into the country from July 1st.

The countries are divided into green, orange and red zones depending on the number of Covid-19 patients and the percentage of positive tests.

For people entering Bulgaria from countries in the green zone, the system will be the mildest, while those coming from an orange zone will be subjected to further tests. Arrivals from countries in the Red Zone are not allowed.

Katsarov said that the list of countries would be updated once a week in order to ensure predictability “not as before, the minister will issue an order and say these countries like this and the others like that from tomorrow”.

He said the list of the three zones in order will be released later June 30th, to take effect tomorrow.

Katsarov spoke during a visit to the Kalotina border checkpoint, where vaccination certificates are checked with a reader.

The European Digital Covid certificate system is scheduled to come into force on July 1st across the bloc.

He said he did not expect chaos in reading the certificates of those entering Bulgaria from July 1.

New readers have been purchased and must be distributed to all border inspection posts by July 1st.

“The software can be installed remotely,” said Katsarov.

“I don’t expect chaos, but I’m angry because I like things to happen faster and not at the last minute,” he said, without saying why the process was slowed down.

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