Large-scale Fake Covid Certificate Programs Uncovered in Plovdiv Region –

Plovdiv police uncovered two schemes for issuing false certificates. The documents were issued in the Asenovgrad hospital and in a medical center in the city of Rakovski. Four people were held for 24 hours.

“There were 2 investigations into document crimes and false documentation. We carried out searches and seizures in a medical center in the town of Rakovski and in the town of Asenovgrad in order to issue green certificates to people who were not vaccinated. It was found that at the time when these certificates were issued in Asenovgrad, 200 people were abroad, and for Rakovski about 50 people. There are 4 prisoners – three are doctors, one is a dentist ”, said Chavdar Groshev, District Attorney at the Plovdiv District Attorney’s Office.

It is a period of around 2 months. It remains to be seen whether these people have used the certificates and whether others are involved. The amount is 200 to around 400 BGN per certificate.

It is investigated whether it is an organized criminal group. No member of parliament was found to be involved in the law. One of the people was arrested in Asenovgrad and the other three in Rakovsky.

The certificates are intended for Bulgarians, they needed them in order to be able to travel abroad. More than 20,000 completed declarations with signature and personal data were confiscated. No charges have yet been brought. Three or four people were identified as mediators.

Many of the individuals who received the certificate used intermediaries from different populations, including medical staffadded Slavcho Alexiev, head of the Ministry of Economy police Department at the Plovdiv Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.


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