KING DIAMOND says MERCYFUL FATE is hoping to play an epic new song on their upcoming tour

Danish metal titans Merciful fate will embark on a European tour on June 2nd, criss-crossing the region before heading west to a performance at The Psycho Las Vegas Festival in Nevada this August. If you’re lucky enough to snag some of these dates, chances are you’ll also be treated to something extra special in the form of a new one Merciful fate Song, the group’s first new music since 1999. Via a Pull out Live stream while the band was rehearsing in Denmark, singer King Diamond now explained Merciful Fate plan to debut a brand new song for this upcoming tour.

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“We’re still working on a song” King Diamond said. “I wrote the final lyrics the day we left [for rehearsals] … Well, the others didn’t hear me sing the song at all. We played some riffs from it yesterday. I didn’t sing to it then. But it’s coming [along]…. We’ll see where it takes us over the next few days.”

To provide some context for the new track, King Diamond remarked, “It’s quite a monster, I’d say. It’s almost nine minutes long. So it’s not just a quick bit [song]. We hope we can play it. We will do everything in our power to play it. It’s not recorded yet. Whatever version we play for you, it might change before it’s fully recorded. Some drums were recorded – I can say that. But we will do our best to play it. we [may] Put it even early in the set. But that’s something to look forward to… Now we have to make it sound right because the early demos have a lot of stuff that adds a certain vibe to it that we can’t [live]. The live version will be different. Of course, I can’t do the backing vocals that are supposed to be on the song. But that’s also a challenge to make a version that works live… It’ll be fun. It’s going to be difficult.

“The topic is very also heavy. We’re back in the years 1675 to 1690. That’s a piece of history we’re describing – an ugly piece of history.” King Diamond added, although he did not elaborate further.

You can find the dates for Merciful fate‘s spring and summer tour below:

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6/2 – Expo Plaza – Hanover, Germany (with Volbeat)
6/4 – Mystic Festival – Gdansk, Poland
6/10 – Sweden Rock – Sölvesborg, Sweden
14.6. – Wuhlheide – Berlin, Germany (with Volbeat)
16.6. – Graspop Metal Meeting – Dessel, Belgium
18.6. – Copenhell – Copenhagen, Denmark
24.6. – Rock The Castle – Verona, Italy
26.6. – Hellfest Open Air Festival – Clisson, France
7/1 – Rock Fest Barcelona – Barcelona, ​​​​Spain
7/2 – Tuska Open Air – Helsinki, Finland
22.07. – Hills Of Rock – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
24.7. – Artmania Festival – Sibiu, Romania
28.7. – Fezen Festival – Székesfehérvár, Hungary
29.7. – Metaldays – Tolmin, Slovenia
8/4 – Wacken Open Air – Wacken, Germany
8/6 – Beyond the Gates – Bergen, Norway
8/11 – Brutal Attack – Jaromer, Czech Republic
13th August – Bloodstock Open Air – Derbyshire, UK
August 21 – Psycho Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

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