In 2 years 200,000 Bulgarians returned to live in villages –

The pandemic has fundamentally changed our lives. Habits have changed and the desire for a freer and healthier life has increased. That is why 200,000 Bulgarians have moved to the country in the last 2 years or at least bought a piece of land far away from the big city. In some regions, such as Plovdiv and Stara Zagora, the demand for Houses according to a study by the Association of Bulgarian Villages exceeds ten times their supply.

Bulgarians are primarily looking for apartments that are ready to move into Houseswith a yard of at least one decar, as well Houses in new housing developments. the Plovdiv The village of Markovo is one of the most developed in the region. It ranks second after building permits have been granted Bulgaria after the Municipality of Sofia.

In the village of Markovo, known as Plovdiv‘s Beverly Hills, with poor infrastructure and no sewage system, has set a record for new registrations – 1,300 people in the last two years alone.

“Of course we are very happy about that, but it leads to some problems such as a lack of space in the kindergarten and at school”, said Desislava Terzieva, mayor of the village.

The influx of people who want to settle in the village has led to a construction boom. 686 permits were issued in one year.

By doing Villages around Plovdiv at the moment it is almost impossible to find and buy a house, the realtors explain.

“We have at least 25% growth in US home sales Villages, but the prices are already pretty close to those in the city. That is, within a radius of about 5-7 kilometers around Plovdivif you want to buy a house in good condition, suitable for living, with a garden of up to 700 hectares, you have to prepare over 100,000 euros. said Alexander Ushev, manager of a real estate agency.

Real estate agencies are also reporting an increase in property prices in rural areas due to high demand. The average increase is between 20 and 30%.

According to the Association of Bulgarians Villages in the past year alone the total number of new registrations in the Villages was 108,550. The forecast for this year is that they will increase by another 90,000 people.

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