HSMTMTS Episode 5 features a flirty duet between Ricky and Gina: Watch a sneak peek at Joshua Bassett and Sofia Wylie

high school musical: The Musical: The Series We’re nearing the middle of Season 3 and things are heating up! In an exclusive clip by HSMTMTS Episode 5 Sofia Wylie and Joshua Bassett perform a flirtatious rendition of “What Do You Know About Love,” a duet written specifically for the Broadway production of Frozen.

ICYMI: Season 3 follows our young wildcats as they begin the summer of their lives at Camp Shallow Lake. The Sleepaway Camp hosts a production of Frozenone with incredibly high stakes – high school musical Star Corbin Bleu will host a “documentary series” that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the camp musical. (A “documentary series” within a “documentary series” with a HSM Star plays herself? We love the meta of everything.)

Episode 5 synopsis reads as follows: “Following the promise of juicy drama for the Frozen Documentary, EJ, Carlos and Val come up with one Real housewives-inspired plan: to turn rehearsals into The Real Campers of Shallow Lake, complete with fabricated storylines and staged vignettes. But as the fake drama pushes some very real buttons, EJ realizes he may have gone too far.”

There are many potential ways for the Wildcats’ fake drama to morph into real drama, especially when it comes to their dynamics on and off stage. In episode 3 the cast list for Frozen revealed: Gina (played by Sofia Wylie) has been cast as Anna, Kourtney (Dara Reneé) as Elsa, Ricky (Joshua Bassett) as Kristoff, and EJ (Matt Cornett) as Sven the Reindeer Get your first look at EJ as Sven below!

Matt Cornett as EJ in his Sven costume in HSM:TM:TS Season 3, Episode 5

Disney/Anne Marie Fox

Over the course of episodes 3 and 4, Ricky and Gina’s old flame begins to sparkle again, much to the dismay of Gina’s friend EJ, when the docu-series crew catches a performance of Frozen‘s “Love Is an Open Door,” Ricky loudly says he wants to sing with Gina. However, EJ steps in to sing the beloved duet.

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