How will Bulgarians pay and vote electronically in the future –

How are Bulgarians to count and poll electronic? Minister of Electronic Government Bozhidar answered these and other questions Bokhanov on NovaTV.

The goal of the Ministry of e-government is to create a system for payment via personal mobile devices and mobile electronic identification.

minister Bokhanov explained the technology to use this type of service: “If we want to use a service, we enter the website of the respective institution. There we have to explain who we are. A QR code will appear that we scan and confirm who we are so that the system and we move forward.

Mobile identification application pre-registration includes ID card scanning, motion selfies, and PIN and biometric protection.

Nobody will be able to steal our phone and do it for us,” Bokhanov declares and assures that even after registration, our personal data cannot be used in case of theft of a mobile device.

The decision of the Council of Ministers should be implemented by the end of the year. I think we can start the pilot application a bit earlier ‘ said the e-government minister.

He explained that the purpose of the service in question is to reduce queues at the counters.

We want to reduce the documents that citizens have to declare. Instead of going through five different counters, the system has the information from the first 4, and citizens only need to show up on the fifth‘ the minister explained.

However, this automation will also lead to redundancies in administration. According to the minister, they will not exceed 10%.

This is based on the functional analysis. First the queues at the counters are dropped, and then the people at the counters. However, they can be useful elsewhere“, Bokhanov assured.

The same system ensures fewer queues in the traffic police building, as well as reception and deposit slips.

Public discussion of the bill has come to an end. This means that the blue coupon and sticker for liability insurance will no longer apply and the payment and delivery of receipts will be introduced electronic,” Bokhanov stated, adding that the draft law is expected to be tabled in the Council of Ministers in the next two weeks.

We will poll electronic in the 2023 local elections? Bokhanov states that they are working to build a system that will allow multiple test votes to be taken. If they are successful, there will be a real one pollagain with mobile identification.

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