How to spend the perfect vacation in Bulgaria’s Varna

The largest city on the Black Sea coast, Varna is also one of the most historic and charming – that’s what travelers can do and see there.

The largest city on the Black Sea coast has so much to offer its visitors. Varna, Bulgaria‘s third largest city, offers wonderful beaches, various attractions and historical sites. The region comes alive especially during the summer season, when people from different parts of the world come to soak up the city’s stunning beaches and soak up the sun. In addition, visitors to Varna enjoy dining in the restaurants and relaxing time in the city’s bars. For more than a century, Varna has been a top destination for vacationers of all ages.

Aside from the breathtaking beaches, the city is home to the oldest gold treasure in the world exhibited in the Varna Archaeological Museum. In addition, people enjoy exploring the natural rock formations in Varna and visiting the real desert. How to spend the perfect vacation in Varna.

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Here are the best things to do in Varna, including sailing

The first and most obvious thing to do when visiting Varna is to visit the city’s stunning beaches and enjoy a long swim under the summer sun. Central Beach and South Beach are must-see places in Varna. In addition, people who have more time can move a little further from the city center and head to the beaches of Pasha Dere, Shkorpilovtsi and Kabakum. Another activity to do when visiting Varna is sailing the Black Sea while enjoying the mesmerizing sunset views and sipping a glass of champagne.

  • Top: Buying the Varna City Card gives people huge discounts of up to 45% on various attractions, including lower prices for the Pinta Varna ship.

Next, visitors to Varna must go to the Roman Baths, the city’s greatest attraction. These are the fourth largest in Europe and were built in the 2nd century AD. In addition, the Roman thermal baths are the most significant ancient building discovered in the country.

  • Costs: Entry to the Roman Baths is $ 2.32. However, holders of the Varna City Card have free entry.

Other attractions in Varna include the city’s landmarks, including the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Varna History, the Boris Georgiev Art Gallery, the Retro Museum, and the Doll Museum.

  • Recommended: A visit to the sea port for lunch at Stariq Chinar restaurant is a must. The restaurant offers the most delicious mussels in Bulgaria. For other restaurants that offer delicious seafood, people have to visit the BM chain restaurants. For delicious salads and large portions, La Casa is a good choice.

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The surroundings of Varna are as attractive as the center

During their visit to Varna, those with more time can leave the city to explore the local area. For example, you can visit the medieval cave monastery complex Aladzha. This page can be reached by car or by taking a tour. In addition, entry is free for Varna City Card holders. Another place worth seeing is the Pobiti Kamani or the stone forest, the only known naturally formed desert in Eastern Europe.

The area is home to natural rock formations that are up to 10 meters high. Varna City Card holders can also enter the Pobiti Kamani free of charge. A beautiful and amazing place to visit is the northern Black Sea coast. People can see the iconic Kaliakra Cape, Bolata Bay and the rock arch in Tyulenovo there. Back to Varna, visitors are recommended to stroll through the Sea Garden, where they can enjoy gatherings and other outdoor activities.

  • Recommended: In the Varna Sea Garden, visitors are encouraged to visit the Marine Museum, Aquarium, and Dolphinarium.

When visiting Varna, a visit to the largest port complex in Bulgaria is a must. Visitors can dine, walk and meet other people in one of the seaport’s restaurants.

Where to party and how to get around in Varna

A trip to Varna is worth nothing without experiencing the city’s vibrant nightlife. Some clubs and bars have something for everyone and keep people dancing all night until the wee hours of the morning.

  • Recommended: Those who love live music events and DJ shows and love to make great recordings have to party at Menthol, a club right on the beach in Varna. Cubo is another party option right next to menthol. If you are not looking for a party on the beach, you can celebrate the night in Studio 21.

Some people wonder how to get around Varna when visiting the city. Those who stay in the city center don’t have to worry as Varna is very accessible on foot. You can walk to almost all major sights and museums. However, day trips outside of the city center require renting a car or participating in an organized tour.

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