Holiday horror: Wizz Air plane bursts into flames, passengers stranded in Romania

British couple Steve Fludder and Emma Bradley (both 39) have decided to return to their home in Liverpool, UK, after a luxurious week at an all-inclusive hotel in Bulgaria. However, as their Wizz Air flight took off from the runway at an airport in Bucharest, something hit. The engines burst into flames and their hellish experience began.

The engine of the Wizz Air plane caught fire

Corresponding, Steve and his girlfriend Emma started their holiday at Liverpool Airport more than a week ago. They booked a budget-friendly vacation package through Love Holidays and spent a week in an all-inclusive hotel near Varna, Bulgaria. Everything went perfectly until the trip home.

They wanted to go home on Tuesday, bought their ticket and took their seats on the Hungarian Wizz Air flight from Bucharest to Liverpool. But shortly after the plane began to climb, it struck a flock of birds.

“We were about to take off, the nose of the plane just lifted a little and then it hit a flock of birds. Not one bird, but a big flock of birds and the engine burst into flames,” Steve told LancsLive. “Flames spurted out of the back of the engine and then the brakes hit like there was no tomorrow, so it was like the worst whiplash of all time. It was crazy.”

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A hotel with no unoccupied rooms

The plane was scheduled to take off at 6:15 am. After the emergency landing, the Hungary-based airline updated the departure to 10.30am. At 10:25 a.m., however, they ordered all passengers to get off the plane. They added that their new flight to Liverpool would not depart until October 8, so they would have to wait more than a week.

After that, two hours passed before Emma, ​​Steve and two other couples were taken to a hotel four hours from Bucharest International Airport. After her arrival the nightmare continued as the hotel manager said they had no vacancies for her.

They had to wait until 10:30pm to get an out of order room. “It wasn’t used, it wasn’t a nice room,” Steve said. A Love Holidays spokesman said: “We are sorry to hear about Mr Fludder’s experience after Wizz Air canceled his flight at short notice. We are in regular contact with Mr Fludder and remain available for further discussions with his airline should the need arise to ensure his situation is resolved as quickly as possible.”

Wizz Air has not yet commented on the subject.

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