Hindutva-inspired Indians demonstrate against Pakistanis in Great Britain

A small group of the Indian community recently held a demonstration in the UK to unleash their poison against the Pakistani community in what locals denounced as yet another attempt by right-wing Hindu groups to attack Muslims around the world.

The protest has been described as an attempt to create an Islamophobic atmosphere in Britain that is growing rapidly in India. The speakers attempted to stir feelings against the UK-based Pakistani community by announcing that they would boycott Pakistani-run restaurants.

Enlightened British, on the other hand, have expressed serious concern over the efforts of the Indian government to spread the Hindutva mentality at home and export it to British society.

They also blamed the Indian neo-Nazi regime for polluting the mindset of peaceful and harmonious societies outside. “This campaign is nothing more than a form of prejudice and bigotry against Muslims,” ​​said British citizens.

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“That’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve heard in my life. So these Pakistanis are coming to the UK to have a better life, to support their family, just like Indians, but our Hindu brothers paint it as a conspiracy to fund and kill Indian soldiers, ”said another affected person.

They said the entire Indian nation suffered from the Hindutva mentality and only made a problem out of a non-problem because of their hatred.

A recent US mega-online international conference entitled “Dismantling Global Hindutva” was the first academic effort initiated by the academic world to explore the undercurrents of Hindutva and its impact on Western societies, including Western campuses renowned universities to understand.

The conference was given by speakers from leading universities around the world, including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, University of Chicago and Berkeley. Over 600 academics from around the world attended the online event.

Participants expressed concern that Hindutva is becoming a global phenomenon and that even Western universities are not safe from the influence propagated by Indian Hindu students.

The conference highlighted that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) promotes Hindutva. Motivated by the Nazi ideology, its principle of regulation was to transform India from a secular democracy into a Brahmin state in which Muslims, Christian Jews and other religious minorities were degraded to second-class citizens.

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The speakers believed that Hindutva was a political philosophy in the style of early 20th century European fascism, an ideology that privileged a personality cult and authoritarian leadership.

The speakers also noted that the term Hindutva was a strategy based on violence, hatred and terrorism. She is an enemy of democracy and has been targeting freedom of expression since the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power.

They believed that hatred was generated by the Hindutva narrative, which is against humanity, because philosophy saw Hindutva as a vehicle, and the message was actually the supremacy of Brahman Varna over any person who closely resembled Hitler’s neo-Nazi Ideology.

Speakers believed that Hinduism had been promoted as a culture rather than religion in the western world for the past half century, but now it has changed its face as a brutal and extremist religious monster that wanted to kill everyone but brahmins.

Hindutva had a history of mistreatment of women, zero respect for transgender rights, exploitation of minorities and extreme policies towards Muslims, Christians, Jews and non-Brahmins. It violated everyone’s fundamental rights.

On behalf of Hindutva, the Indian government had introduced discriminatory policies, including a beef ban, restrictions on religious conversion and interfaith marriages, and the introduction of religious discrimination through controversial Indian citizenship laws.

These measures led to a shocking rise in religious and caste-based violence, including hate crimes, lynching and rape against Muslims, Dalits, Sikhs, Christians, Adivasi and deviant Hindus. Women in these communities are particularly addressed.

Global experts have warned that India has become an epicenter of social terrorism, using very negative trends to create communal division and hatred. The experts and media analysts classify India as a factory of communal and social terrorism that exports it worldwide.

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