Highlights and goals: Ukraine 1-1 Bulgaria in a friendly | 11/11/2021

3:23 pm 7 hours ago

90 + 4 ‘end of game

The game ends at the Chernomorets Stadium. 1-1 draw between Ukraine and Bulgaria. The home side deserved the win from the start but weren’t effective.

3:20 p.m. 7 hours ago


Yarmolenko broke through again on the right and crossed the ball to the far post, where Viktor Kovalenko shot over the goal.

15:18 7 hours ago

90 ‘added time

Four more minutes are played in the game.

15:14 8 hours ago

85 ‘Last five minutes

The end of the game is approaching and everything continues in the same tone: Ukraine insists and continues to insist on finding goals.

15:10 8 hours ago

79 ‘GOOAAL for Ukraine

Zinchenko’s cross from the left was blocked by the Bulgarian defense and Taras Stepanenko used the rebound to equalize with a great shot from middle distance. FINALLY THE GAME OPENS FOR THE UKRAINERS!

15:07 8 hours ago

79 ‘Substitution for Ukraine

Denis Garmash replaces Ruslan Malinovskyi.

15:06 8 hours ago

76 ‘Ukraine is close

Malinovskyi’s cross from the right and Serhiy Kryvtsov, who was in the box, shot, but the ball went straight into the hands of Svetoslav Vutsov.

15:02 8 hours ago

73 ‘Ukraine was tough!

Dmytro Riznyk wins a one-on-one with the Ukrainian captain.

14:59 8 hours ago

70 ‘Double substitution for Bulgaria

Georgi Kostadinov and Domink Yankov replace Borislav Tsonev and Kiril Despodov.

14:57 8 hours ago

68 ‘Substitution for Ukraine

Viktor Kovalenko replaces Eduard Sobol.

14:51 8 hours ago

62 ‘Substitution for Bulgaria

Ivaylo Chochev is replacing Radoslav Tsonev.

14:50 8 hours ago

61. Change in Ukraine

Viktor Tsygankov replaces Oleksandr Zubkov.

14:44 8 hours ago

55 ‘Ukraine are still looking for an equalizer

The home side still has the momentum to equalize, but the Bulgarian side have been very lucky.

14:39 8 hours ago

50 ‘First minutes of the second half

The second half started very evenly, this time Bulgaria dares to move forward.

14:37 8 hours ago

Substitutions for the second half

Ukraine replaced Dmytro Riznyk (goalkeeper) and Roman Yaremchuk for Gueorgui Bushchan (goalkeeper) and Artem Dovbyk. The Bulgarian Georgi Minchev came for Atanas Iliev.

14:34 8 hours ago

Second half begins

The second half of the game is on.

14:21 8 hours ago

45 + 1 ‘End of the first half

The first half of the game ends with a partial and miraculous victory of Bulgaria over Ukraine with minimal difference with a goal from Radoslav Kirilov.

14:20 8 hours ago


Zinchenko’s shot was taken by Mihaylov, the rebound was taken by Dovbyk and the Bulgarian goalkeeper miraculously held off the ground.

14:17 9 hours ago

45 ‘added time

One minute is played in the first half.

14:13 9 hours ago

42 ‘Ukraine are close

Yarmolenko set up Tymchyk, who sent a half-high cross, and Dovbyk, who came in front, took the ball on the line, but it went wide.

14:11 9 hours ago

38 ‘Ukraine is close!

Zuvkob shot in front of the goal and a defender got in the way of his shot.

14:08 9 hours ago

35 ‘GOOAAL for Bulgaria

Incredibly, it was the away team that opened the score. Mihaylov missed and a lack of concentration in the defense enabled Radoslav Kirilov to shoot in front of the goal, so Bushchan had no chance.

14:06 9 hours ago

34 ‘Ukraine had it!

Tymchyk’s cross from the right, Dobvyk touched the ball and it almost went past goalkeeper Mihaylov.

14:03 9 hours ago

30 ‘Half an hour game

Ukraine continue to dominate the game, even if they haven’t created any more scoring chances like in the first 20 minutes.

13:58 9 hours ago

26 ‘Ukraine was tough!

Zubkov’s shot almost escapes Mihaylov’s grip.

13:56 9 hours ago

24 ‘Yellow card

Ivan Turitsov is cautioned for Bulgaria.

13:52 9 hours ago

20 ‘Everything is still in zeros

So far everything has gone to Ukraine. As if by a miracle, the score has not yet been opened.

13:47 9 hours ago

14 ‘Substitution for Bulgaria

Edisson Jordanov has to leave injured. Ivan Turitsov takes his place.

1:45 p.m. 9 hours ago

13 ‘Ukraine is missing!

ZUBKOV MISSED! Another cross from Yarmolenko from the right and the ’11’ failed with his header.

13:40 9 hours ago

8 ‘Ukraine was drawing closer

The home team took advantage of the right flank a lot. Yarmolenko came free and sent the cross and Zinchenko came to the header but the ball was in Mihaylov’s hands.

13:36 9 hours ago

5 ‘First minutes

Ukraine has taken the initiative to try to open the scoring quickly. In the defensive zone, the Bulgarians had to be very careful.

13:36 9 hours ago

Game begins

The game between Ukraine and Bulgaria is underway.

13:31 9 hours ago

Teams on the field

The players of Ukraine and Bulgaria enter the field.

13:26 9 hours ago

Last five games – Bulgaria

October 12 – Playoffs: 2-1 against Northern Ireland (won)
October 9 – Playoffs: 2-1 against Lithuania (lost)
September 8 – friendly: 4-1 against Georgia (won)
September 5 – Playoffs: 1-0 against Lithuania (won)
September 2 – Playoffs: 1: 1 against Italy

13:21 9 hours ago

Last five games – Ukraine

October 12 – Playoffs: 1-1 against Bosnia and Herzegovina
October 9 – Playoffs: 1-2 against Finland (won)
September 8th – friendly game: 1-1 against the Czech Republic
September 4th – Playoffs: 1: 1 against France
September 1st – Playoffs: 2-2 against Kazakhstan

13:16 10 hours ago

Declarations – Yasen Petrov (Bulgaria).

1:11 PM 10 hours ago

Statements – Oleksandr Petrakov (Ukraine)

13:06 10 hours ago

Referee team

Referee: Arda Kardezler – Turkey
Assistant # 1: Kerem Erzoy – Turkey
Assistant # 2: Chevded Kamurkoglu – Turkey
Fourth official: Vitaliy Romanov – Ukraine

13:01 10 hours ago

Deputy – Bulgaria

Yankov, Vutsov, Turitsov, Tsvetanov, Petkov, Minchev, Kostadinov, Karadzhov, Ivanov, Iliev, Chochev

12:56 PM10 hours ahead

Starters in Bulgaria

Duty roster: Mihaylov; Jordanov, Hristov, Dimitrov, Velkovski; Kiritov, Tsonev, Nedelev, Despodov, Tsonev, Iliev.
Coach: Yasen Petrov.

12:51 PM10 hours ahead

Aternates – Ukraine

Yaremchuk, Tsygankov, Stepanenko, Sikan, Riznyk, Pyatov, Kovalenko, Korniienko, Karavaev, Kacharava, Harmash, Buyalskyy.

12:46 PM10 hours ahead

Appetizers in Ukraine

Duty roster: Bushchan; Matviyenko, Kryvtsov, Sovol; Tymchyk, Sydorchuck, Malinovsky, Zinchenko; Yarmolenko, Dovbyk, Zubkov.
DT: Oleksandr Petrakov.

12:41 PM10 hours ahead

We start

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12:36 PM10 hours ahead

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How to watch Ukraine vs Bulgaria live stream on TV and online?

12:26 PM10 hours ahead

What time is the friendly between Ukraine and Bulgaria?

12:21 PM10 hours ahead

Key player – Bulgaria

12:16 PM11 hours ahead

Key player – Ukraine

12:11 11 hours ago

Squad list – Bulgaria

12:06 PM11 hours ahead

Squad list – Ukraine

12:01 PM11 hours ahead

History – Ukraine vs. Bulgaria

These two teams have met five times, all in friendly matches. The statistics favor the Ukrainians, who won three games while tying the other two.

11:56 AM11 hours

Bulgaria to end the year well

11:51 a.m. 11 hours ago

Ukraine are preparing for the game against Bosnia

11:46 AM11 hours ahead

The game will be played in the Chernomorets Stadium

11:41 AM11 hours ahead

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