Gold and bronze medals in gymnastics for Ana Đerek in Varna!

May 29, 2022 – Ana Đerek won two medals at the World Cup in Varna on Sunday!

First she won gold on beam and soon after bronze on floor! After yesterday’s silver medal by Mate Žugec on the pommel horse, Croatia returns with a set of medals from Bulgaria, which is a great announcement for the World Cup in Osijek, which awaits us from June 9th to 12th.

The two-time Olympian from Split and member of GK Marjan already showed in Friday’s qualification that she is more than ready for the international season. At her first competition this year with the two new exercises, both on beam and on floor, she reached the final with the third best grades. And then she shone even more in the final today.

Slobodan Kadić

Ana Đerek won gold on beam quite convincingly with a score of 13,300 ahead of silver medalist Maise Kuusikko (13,000) and bronze medalist Aline Friess of France (12,450).


Slobodan Kadić

“I’m very satisfied, overjoyed and proud that I showed what I’ve achieved today. This is my first gold at the World Championships on beam and tears of joy flowed during the anthem. This gold on the beam came after a tough training period, since the beginning of the year I’ve been training on the beam so much on the one hand, but on the other hand I hate them so much it felt like a fool’s dance for all these months of struggling with ‘do I need this equipment ‘why am i doing this so much, why isn’t it getting better’… i’m so proud because i have a new jump, if someone had said to me earlier this year ‘you’re doing a D jump on the beam’, I would have said, “You’re crazy, I don’t have that in me.” In the end, I got the only jump in this competition. I’m very proud of that,” said the double medalist from Bulgaria.

Shortly after one podium came another. Bronze on floor with a score of 12,900. France’s Aline Friess (13,000) celebrated, Greta Mayer (12,950) was the silver medalist.


“I could have been better, I have better exercises, but to say that I’m unsatisfied would be crazy. I did the exercise again, with small mistakes, but since before that I had the beam that made me both mentally and emotionally tested physically, I pulled back out. Tired as I was, 12,900 is a good grade, bronze is too good a medal. I’m happy.”


In her career, including Varna, Ana has participated in 29 World Cup finals and won 15 medals. Croatian gymnastics, on the other hand, has improved its overall numbers, and our women’s gymnastics currently has 123 finals at world championships – 7 gold, 16 silver and 15 bronze medals.

“I hope that this start of the season will not be all I will do in 2022. I’m aware that I still have a lot of competition, a lot of opportunities and a lot of work still needs to be done so I can finish the season and say I’m happy. But this start is great, great, great!”

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