Gibraltar U21 suffered a 5-0 defeat against Bulgaria

Jaylan Hankin was in action from the start when Gibraltar faced Bulgaria under 21 away.
An offensive-looking Bulgaria started looking for a quick goal.
However, Gibraltar had to claim a penalty within the first five minutes after Bulgaria’s defense defeated an attacker after a brief pause.
Bulgaria moved on just as quickly in the next game after a save from Hankin was not cleared by the defenders, who went in for an easy shot.
Only a minute later, Hankin was back in action, a quick hand-out reflex was able to clear a header accurately. This time his defense reacts well.
Forced to deeply defend Gibraltar’s U21 players, dressed to the rear, block Bulgaria’s path to goal.
Gibraltar’s only attacker is waiting for an opportunity to break through. The defensive wall in front of the penalty area slowed Bulgaria down for the first twenty minutes of the game. Gibraltar has the chance to have a little more ball for a short time.
Gibraltar conceded two goals in a row after trailing 3-0 in the half hour.
Bulgaria scored their fourth goal after thirty-four minutes after opening the Gibraltar defense.
Bulgaria entered the half-time break 4-0.
Jaylan Hankin was back in action at the beginning of the second half and blocked a break into the penalty area.
Bulgaria added their fifth place to the hour after continuing to put pressure on Gibraltar. Up until then, Gibraltar had played with ten men after Montovio was sent off with a second yellow card.
It was with their backs to the wall that Bulgaria controlled and dominated possession of the ball to improve their record.
Gibraltar defended itself in the penalty area for the last ten minutes.

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