Germany has banned the Russian broadcaster RT –

Relationships between Germany and Russia have again burdened themselves with the New Year and Christmas holidays after Berlin forbidden the broadcast of Russian television channel Russia today. Previously, Youtube removed that TV Network from its website for violating numerous community standards.

RT has programs in various languages, including German, and has been broadcast in Germany. Moscow reacted sharply to his suspension.

“There will certainly be an appropriate reaction from Russia. There are enough German journalists working there who are currently feeling very comfortable.” the Russian ambassador agreed Germany Sergei Nechayev. “I don’t yet know what exactly these consequences will be in detail, I am not the Delphic Oracle. But there are all possible possibilities.” he added.

The conflict with RT started months ago. the channel does not have a license to send a TV Program in Germany. RT moved to Luxembourg and tried to start his program from there. However, Luxembourg refused to grant its license and take responsibility for the foreign television broadcaster. RT also tried to break through with a Serbian license, but this was refused.

RT was accused of spreading misinformation and fake news and was called “Kremlin propaganda channel“.

A few days ago, the Bulgarian journalist Christopher Karadjov, who lives in the USA, published a funny post on Facebook in which he gave his impressions of the RT Program in Sofia.

Here is what he wrote:
On the menu of RT (Russia today) Early in the morning on January 2nd: 1. Long material about how indebted gamblers in Las Vegas can’t buy a potato at “McDonald’s”. 2. Long material on how American drone operators kill weddings in Afghanistan and their commanders hide it from them. 3. A long story about Germany the shutdown of nuclear power plants, but the intention to switch to renewable energy and burst coal (with a clear indication that it must completely switch to Russian gas) failed. 4. Again footage from Las Vegas – how the police were delayed in the mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in October 2017, when 60 people died. Then they screwed up the investigation – generally completely incompetent. 5. Something like a funny advertisement that Santa Claus doesn’t bring presents to children who are not “diverse” enough. You probably haven’t had the time to broadcast it enough times before Christmas. 6. Material about an American sheriff lying about an arrest (I missed the details but realized the officer was a horrific fraud). 7. Material about a place in Florida where the groundwater was contaminated with something toxic (I missed the details too, but there was even some dramatic music). 8. Announcing material on how marijuana, freely distributed in several states, causes lethal addiction in young people in Colorado.

I stopped looking here because there is no way I can go back to America if I keep going. I had played it out of professional interest, just because it was one of the legitimate news channels on television. That means it’s on par with CNN, BBC, Euronews, Bloomberg …

There is also the first channel (Первый канал), but I don’t have that many nerves. “

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